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Reviewed by valmont666 7

This movie, unlike the original, was a flat out comedy. I loved it. It's not nearly as good as the original but who cares, it's still alot of fun. By watching this movie you can see why the show MANCHESTER PREP never made it on the air. Not because it's bad but because it's very R rated. Amy Adams was excellent in the role of Kathryn Merteuil, although not as good as Sarah Michelle Gellar, but pretty close. Keri Lynn Pratt is just hysterical at playing the volnerable virgin. Especially when Kathryn teaches her how to ride a horse: "Up! Down! Back! Forth! Faster! Faster!" . The ending itself is pretty cool and we also learn how Sebastian got his journal. This movie also has something else that the original didn't have: nudity. Although THe deleted scenes of the first one had a few seconds, this one has two sisters taking a shower with Sebastian. If you're looking for something to compare to the first cruel intentions then this isn't it but if you are looking for a fun guilty pleasure then you found it.

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Reviewed by mattymatt4ever 5

This is another one of those &quot;Why bother?&quot; sequels, or should say prequel? The film opens with a scene that mirrors the opening scene in the original &quot;Cruel Intentions.&quot; And we also have a few other scenes that were mimicked straight from the original. We&#39;re introduced to some new characters, which were supposed to purposely bear similarities to ones in the original, like the nerdy blonde chick who was a mimic of Selma Blair&#39;s character.<br/><br/>This movie was originally going to become a TV show, &quot;Manchester Prep.&quot; But with all the controversy, it never made it to air. I think it might&#39;ve worked out quite well as a TV program, and I probably would&#39;ve watched it--but if you&#39;re going to coarsen it up a bit and transform it into a direct-to-video prequel to &quot;Cruel Intentions&quot;...once again, I say &quot;Why bother?&quot;<br/><br/>The actors, in general, were a notch below the ones in the original. The one who played Sebastian in this installment doesn&#39;t have the charm or looks of Ryan Phillippe. In fact, he looks pretty geeky. You can&#39;t imagine this guy seducing an old lady, much less his beautiful love interest in the movie. The actress who takes over the role of Catherine has that &quot;b**ch&quot; quality that almost measures up Sarah Michelle&#39;s, so I can&#39;t really complain about her performance. <br/><br/>If anything, this movie has more of a sense of humor. There are some sitcom-like gags--again showing us this was more suited for TV--that I got a chuckle out of. <br/><br/>The plot goes through the formulaic motions, and concludes with a preposterous plot twist that--I guess--served as an eye-opener for an otherwise mediocre tale. Speaking of eye-openers, there&#39;s a shower scene that the guys will fully appreciate. *wink wink* If you have the DVD, it&#39;s much more convenient. You can just go straight to that scene. God bless the makers of DVD!!!<br/><br/>OK, that was a shallow comment, but I&#39;m not criticizing &quot;Casablanca&quot; over here. This is a direct-to-video prequel, and you pretty much get what you expect. I loved the original &quot;Cruel Intentions,&quot; but I can&#39;t say I&#39;m going to keep high expectations for anything that heads straight to the video racks. But I have to say my expectations were slightly heightened when I found out Roger Kumble, the writer/director of the original, wrote and directed this movie, too. <br/><br/>My score: 5 (out of 10)

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Reviewed by dracosbabe88 7

They had such potential for this movie and they completely fall flat. In the first Cruel Intentions, we are left wondering what motivated the lead characters to become the way they are and act the way they do. There is almost NO character development whatsoever in this prequel. It&#39;s actually a very sad story but this film did nothing for me. It was as if they left out good writing in place of unneeded f-words. And the end makes absolutely no sense and doesn&#39;t explain anything. The writing was just terrible. Another thing that bothered me was that they used at lease 3 of the EXACT SAME lines that were in the original. Such as &quot;down boy&quot;, or the kissing scene, and a few others I can&#39;t remember. I was not impressed at all by Robin&#39;s acting, but Amy did a great job. That&#39;s about the only thing that reconciled this movie.

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