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Reviewed by ops-52535 8

But still extremely good enough. its the lapd squad car on patrol again, weve seen them before, and more will come.<br/><br/>its the training day for the rookie rookie, and papa copper tells you what to do, what to say, what to shut up about, and how to do things best to ensure your own safety, so that you might have a long life unharmed in the force, so remember to look at his hands whatever you do....<br/><br/>its a lot of carriding, with some snack here and there, and if you know the police code youll be far better into the story. the acting are good, the sound effects sit in the guts, the mental state of a copper are well described, and near the end your just pinned to the chair to what happens next.<br/><br/>i usually dont like films like this, i like better the opposite part, heists and robberies and such stuff, but the grumpy old man had a nice ride in the dark l.a. streets, and will therefore recommend you to too.

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Reviewed by lifelinespublishing 8

This goes to show that even if with a simple storyline, a long time cop meets with a rookie for his first night patrol, as they encounter the different characters that roam the streets, but with good actors can really lift the movie up, all actors were on point specially Josh Hopkins, you&#39;ll know when you see him., that guy must have done drugs while filming, LOL..<br/><br/>Overall, if you&#39;re looking for a great movie to unwind after a long day, this is it.<br/><br/>a must watch.

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Reviewed by habib-40239 10

The movie is full of intense emotions! I have always wanted to be cop, but this movie made me hate that in a good way. It showed how difficult their job is and what kind of ups and downs they would face at any second! It keeps u stuck to ur chair. They needed a few things though.1- More cops action to be a better action movie.2- Better sound effects.the movie mood is close to the Dark Knight with a typical scenario of a villain and hero with bad ending cause it makes you want more! Unfortunately, the movie did not get enough support, and it needed to be longer to fit the actual perfect story.I hope they make a second part with better director.

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