Crown for Christmas


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Reviewed by gehewe 8

After I watched the movie I discovered the actress played Winnie in the Wonder Years 1988-1993 she is now about 40. She plays a 31 year old in this film which was fine. I enjoyed it and it was fairly well done but I probably would not watch it again because it got a bit too predictable at the end.<br/><br/>The lead actress was great and yes there was a purposeful imitation to the Sound of Music. Her character was to be adored by all. When asked to give a toast &quot;here&#39;s to those who have seen us at our best and at our worst but cannot tell the difference&quot; Enjoyed seeing the King being taken with her &quot;speaking her mind&quot; manner. Loved the King&#39;s daughter. Much was very well done in the movie. The horse scene with the King was excellent.

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Reviewed by judyjholland 10

Christmas movies can be really stupid and schmaltzy and most of them I can&#39;t stand.<br/><br/>I ended up looking for something to watch this afternoon and came across this movie and decided to give it a try.<br/><br/>This was very well done. Yes, you have some typical things going on that many feel good happy-ending type movies have in common, but this is one of the ones to not miss.<br/><br/>Great cast all-around with great casting nods especially to the actor who played the king and the actor who portrayed his executive assistant.<br/><br/>Even though you see many similar things in the story line that can be found in other similar films, this one was a bit more complex and well rounded and just overall, well done.<br/><br/>I enjoyed this very much and will probably watch again. Loved it!!!

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Reviewed by hortonkelsey 10

Some of the other reviews are talking about how similar it is to other movies but let me tell you. I cried my eyes out, so beware! It was an amazing movie! Definitely my new favorite so to say at the least I highly recommend this movie! It is a great movie to watch with family or even just your significant other. This is the first Christmas hallmark that I&#39;ve watched that I have actually fell in love with and cried so much with. I believe the creators chose the perfect people for all the roles as well. I do hope there is a second movie to this that can explore not only the main characters lives but as for the help as well. I would love to explain that, but I don&#39;t want to spoil this movie for anyone (:

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