Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution


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Reviewed by rtailor-04901 10

Wow. What an amazing story this was documenting the struggles and lives of the disabled in America culminating with Bush number 1 signing the Americans with Dissabilities Act (ADA). Beginning with the story of a camp for the disabled which empowered and planted the seeds in the activists minds to their powerful marathons of trying to get the US government to listen to them. This documentary was so well done with beautiful, heartfelt and at times heartbreaking video footage of the lives of these warriors fighting for just the opportunity to live normal lives and contribute to society. No wonder this brought down the house at Sundance. It is an art piece dedicated to those who society shunned rising up to change the world for everyone. It was beautiful. Just sit back and let them tell the story. You will be amazed and most likely changed. Powerful.

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Reviewed by karirosie 10

Of all the things you could be, be Kind!Couldn't help to cry a few times, how many suffer and are grateful and happy with the bit they possess, yet so many of us with full health take it for granted and dismiss those with all sorts of disabilities.

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Reviewed by pavlovamaliszewska 10

It's absolutely great movie about inspiring people.Well they are a true influencers. Hope more people will see it, because world still need changes.

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