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Reviewed by leominosa 8

Employing found footage in a way that actually makes sense in the context of the plot, Creep is the story of an increasingly awkward relationship between two men that feels frighteningly plausible.<br/><br/>The film rests upon – and succeeds because of – Mark Duplass&#39; excellent performance as the type of person we&#39;ve all met at one time or another; someone a little bit too keen to be your friend, inspiring conflicting feelings of suspicion as to their motives and empathy with regard to their ill-judged attempts at social interaction. Seen through the eyes (or rather camera) of Aaron, the only other on-screen character (played by writer/director Patrick Brice), it&#39;s clear fairly early on that something isn&#39;t quite right, but should he be worried?<br/><br/>Despite an occasional reliance on cynical jump scares (presumably included to ensure that the tension doesn&#39;t sag – the film is dialogue-heavy) the suspense ebbs and flows nicely and keeps you guessing as to where it will end up going. Thankfully, for a film that always feels like it&#39;s building up to something, the resolution is well-judged and perfectly executed.<br/><br/>Overall this is a very impressive effort and marks Patrick Brice out as a filmmaker to keep an eye on.

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Reviewed by GiraffeDoor 9

If you are sick of found footage or even if you never liked it at all, please give this movie a chance.<br/><br/>I usually hate improvisation in movies. It almost invariably provides the most excruciatingly messy and boring dialogue on film (like This is Spinal Tap and Confetti).<br/><br/>But for whatever reason they made it work here. Perhaps it was a free plot structure or the limited number of characters but there is a rawness rarely seen in found footage but at the same time has such personality in both its main characters.<br/><br/>Josef is such a vivid character that would get anyone on edge. Watching the first time I regretted that they didn&#39;t keep their cards closer to their chest with Josef&#39;s disquieting nature but now I see him as someone who always has something chilling to say.<br/><br/>This got under my skin in way that is hard to do. More than some kind of incorporeal terror, getting trapped in Josef&#39;s terrible world really hits raw nerves in me.<br/><br/>One of the very best horror movies ever that will reignite your faith the bottom of the barrel has not yet been scraped.

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Reviewed by jackgdemoss 9

I see now that critics appreciated this film just as much as I did, but I had NO IDEA what I was getting into by selecting a random horror movie I had never heard of on Netflix. Creep takes every little broken piece of horror, polishes it up, and pastes it together into a beautiful and unique masterpiece. It is extremely disturbing and unsettling without once resorting to gore, which was a breath of fresh air. Be warned that the jump scares are severe but cheesy, but for good reason. Horror fans absolutely must see Creep.

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