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Reviewed by Merely 8

Watching this wonderful film will make you believe that true happiness is out there, somewhere.The romantic love that gives you butterflies in your tummy. You will laugh, cry and cheer. The casting is great and Lloyd Bridges gives a performance to remember him by. I found it overall entertaining and left me with a nice warm feeling (and a runny nose). Life should be so sweet.

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Reviewed by =G= 7

"Cousins", a pleasing knock-off of Oscar nominated French "Cousin, Cousine", tells of a man who has an affair with another woman while their partners are doing the same; concomitant relationships, one carnal and the other romantic. Full of quirky Euro-Am ethnic family members, this lively and sweet blast from the past is a light-hearted blend of sentimental, romantic, funny, and poignant moments well worth a first look or revisit.

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Reviewed by Citymars 7

I loved the 1975 French movie &quot;Cousin, Cousine&quot; (roughly pronounced &#39;koo-ZAN koo-ZEEN&#39;, for the non-francophiles). It was a very funny, very sexy and &quot;tres French&quot; movie.<br/><br/>So I rolled my eyes when I heard of this American remake, especially when I learned that Ted Danson would play the male lead. Nothing against Mr. Danson&#39;s abilities, but I assumed the casting of a television star -- &quot;Cheers&quot; was still going strong on NBC at the time -- meant that bigger names had identified this film as a stinker and were staying away.<br/><br/>I was happily surprised when this remake turned out to be as funny, warm and romantic (if a tad less sexy) than the original. In fact, it&#39;s nearly the same movie, and in this case that&#39;s a good thing. Thankfully Paramount didn&#39;t feel the need to alter too much.<br/><br/>Like &quot;Four Weddings and a Funeral&quot; (which came after), most of the action in this movie takes place at various ritual gatherings of family and friends. Danson and Isabella Rossellini play cousins by marriage who are each saddled with attractive but less than desirable mates: hilarious performances by Sean Young and William L. Petersen.<br/><br/>In fact, everyone is good in this movie. It should have led to better movie parts for Mr. Danson, but unfortunately it wasn&#39;t a financial success. Lloyd Bridges as a family patriarch is a revelation. Again, if the film had done better at the box office, he might have earned an academy award nomination.<br/><br/>&quot;Cousins&quot; is a large-cast movie that leaves one feeling good without ignoring the pain in life. It&#39;s &quot;wedding as microcosm&quot; and everyone has a part to play. It&#39;s unusual to see a movie with so many age groups represented, and everyone equal. It&#39;s not a teen film, but neither is it an anti-teen film. It&#39;s a film about the swirl of life. Babies are born, old people die, couples form and break-up... and all observed from a slightly removed point of view, so that we see ourselves and also see that we shouldn&#39;t always take ourselves too seriously.<br/><br/>Don&#39;t let your preconceptions keep you away from &quot;Cousins.&quot; It&#39;s a wonderful little/big movie.

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