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Reviewed by dbonk 8

I&#39;ve always had a deep admiration for British actor Peter Cushing. He was, after all, able to convincingly portray such a wide range of characters on screen from Sherlock Holmes to Dr. Frankenstein, instilling each role with cool intelligence plus an element of human pathos. When one thinks of a Hammer horror film from the late 1950&#39;s through the ensuing fifteen years, inevitably(apart from his frequent co-star Christopher Lee)Cushing&#39;s name comes first to mind.<br/><br/>While CORRUPTION is not a Hammer film,(Columbia Pictures,surprisingly, is the distributor) it is a sheer delight for Cushing fans. Here, he portrays a respected surgeon who slowly goes insane, all for the love of his fiancé played by Sue Lloyd with her kitty claws rendered even sharper than the good doctor&#39;s scalpel. After a tragic accident which effectively ends her modeling career, Dr. Cushing works obsessively to repair the damage to poor disfigured Sue&#39;s face. Realizing the cure is to be found in the female pituitary gland, he wantonly murders and decapitates young, pretty lasses to achieve his goal.<br/><br/>After each of Cushing&#39;s kills in this flick, the camera graphically provides a distorted, fish eye lens view in which we see this eminent physician with hair disheveled and a manic look which has to be seen to be believed. Eventually, an overwhelming sense of guilt and shame reduces the doctor to a quivering mess of nerves as he tries to find solace in the bottle. He certainly won&#39;t find it in Sue. She has issues of her own which, in comparison, make Dr. Cushing look almost sane. The climax to all this blood &amp; spatter is provided by a high powered laser(part of the cure,apparently, for Sue&#39;s face) which looks more at home in GOLDFINGER than a spartan medical lab.<br/><br/>CORRUPTION is a florid feast for the eyes,too, as we see swinging 1967 Carnaby Street fashions worn by both sexes. Anthony Booth really camps it up as an Andy Warhol wannabe portraying a fashion photographer who tries to shoot a nudie-cutie roll of film with Sue Lloyd to devastating results. Since this is &#39;Swinging London&#39; there are mini-skirted girls aplenty, with special mention to bimbette Shirley Stelfox whom no party would be complete without. She doesn&#39;t wear flowers in her hair, but under her eyes.<br/><br/>CORRUPTION is a delirious roller coaster of madness, mayhem and a minimum of mirth. Character actor David Lodge does appear as a cretinous villain called &#39;Groper.&#39; Watching him salute(don&#39;t ask why) is one of the highlights.<br/><br/>Anyway, after seeing CORRUPTION, don&#39;t be surprised if you feel uneasy opening the freezer door of your fridge. Some cold cuts are better left untouched.

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Reviewed by preppy-3 7

Story of a brilliant doctor (Peter Cushing) in love with a beautiful younger woman (Sue Lloyd). During a fight at a party they&#39;re at, Lloyd becomes disfigured when a flood lamp falls on her face. Cushing becomes obsessed at restoring her beauty and will do anything to do it--even murder.<br/><br/>Plot wise this has been done before (most notably in the French film &quot;Eyes Without a Face&quot;) but this isn&#39;t totally without merit. Cushing is excellent as a man who is driven to murder for his lover. You can see that he hates doing it but feels he has to. Lloyd, surprisingly, is not an innocent woman. She knows he&#39;s killing for her and actually spurs him on! Aside from those two performances though this is pretty by the numbers...except for an incredibly silly ending which had me laughing out loud! Also there is incredibly inappropriate music blaring sometimes on the soundtrack that&#39;s totally out of place. This is pretty much forgotten and it&#39;s easy to see why. Worth catching though for Cushing&#39;s acting alone.

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Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 7

A surgeon discovers that he can restore the beauty to his girlfriend&#39;s scarred face by murdering other women and extracting fluids from their pituitary gland.However the effects only last for a short time,so he has to kill more and more women.It is ultimately a killing spree which ends with considerable death and disaster.&quot;Corruption&quot; aka &quot;Laser Killer&quot; is a surprisingly sleazy British shocker.The murder of semi-nude Soho prostitute is quite nasty and depraved.Peter Cushing&#39;s performance as an insane surgeon is brilliant.&quot;Corruption&quot; ain&#39;t tasteful and restrained.To put it simply it&#39;s an exploitation flick with incredibly noble Peter Cushing in the main role.That&#39;s why it&#39;s worth checking out.Connect it with &quot;Diversions&quot; and have fun.7 eyes without a face out of 10.

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