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Reviewed by loren-knapp 10

I am in this movie and for 36 years didn't even know it was ever released. I'm the lead cop in the final scene with the shot gun that guns the bad guys down during the exciting climax. I have posted it on Youtube. We spent the whole day up in Kearney, AZ filming that last sequence. The producer gave the car to an old man who came along catching rattlesnakes. I remember waiting while they went into town to get some kind of brains at Safeway to put under the girls skull cap in order to get the right effect when they shot her in the head. My family was quite surprised to see me in the film as they didn't know anything about it. Yes, the movie is bad, but in a good way. You can see the microphone cords running under the bad guy's shirt in many scenes. In one shot one of the sound guys can be seen in the back seat of the car. The director wasn't big on re-doing scenes. The movie was shot in 16mm and then transfered to 35mm. It cost $50,000 to make of which I was paid $100. What a hoot! I'm giving it a 10 cause I'm in it!

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Reviewed by Scars_Remain 8

This is a movie that simply cannot be rated based on a regular movie scale. This movie gets an 8/10 based on the &quot;bad exploitation scale.&quot; If I were rating this as a normal movie, it would probably get a 3 or 4 out of ten. However, it get rated solely based on entertainment, nothing more and nothing less.<br/><br/>That said, I was very entertained by Cop Killers. I found it used at the local record store and it looked like a good exploitation film so I decided to give it a shot. I&#39;m glad I did.<br/><br/>I laughed at the actors the whole way through because there wasn&#39;t a single good actor in the entire film. Horrible sound and editing and cutting also make it very unintentionally hilarious. This movie proves that anyone can make a movie. you just have to make it happen yourself.<br/><br/>Check this one out if you&#39;re an exploitation fan and you should have fun. Don&#39;t expect anything amazing.

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Reviewed by stevelopez 7

Alex: &quot;Look man, I&#39;m uptight and wasted. Your messing around with that broad nearly drove us off the road. Now leave her alone. We ain&#39;t got time for that s***.&quot; Ray: &quot;Is that all you have to say?&quot; Alex: &quot;I said keep your hands off her!&quot; Ray: &quot;Don&#39;t ever put your hands on me again. Look man, I was just trying to relax. I&#39;ll keep my hands off the young virgin. Now if she comes on to me, that&#39;s another story&quot;.<br/><br/>How could you not like this movie? Plenty of bad acting, poor production values, cheesy dialog, cheap violence, ridiculous music, etc... So what if the last half of the movie sucks, the first half is worth the price of admission. This is right up there with Going Bezerk and Cheech &amp; Chong&#39;s Next Movie.

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