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Reviewed by mathiassorrow 1

This is not The Conjuring 3. It's a deliberate scam title to trick people into watching this movie. After watching the 1st 15 minutes I understand the reason for that, it's the only way they'll get anyone to watch it. Couldn't tell you much about it because 15 minutes was all I could stand, and that was WAY more of my attention than it deserved. Definitely one of those movies that makes you wish IMDB had negative star ratings.

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Reviewed by panther_husky 1

I just have no words to describe this rubbish. A 1 rating is for the actors trying to act. I really don't know what is happening out there with films. So many are being released and so few, if any are watchable. This films didn't have anything of worth! The story line was weak, the acting? well, I haven't a good thing to say about that. I cringed most of the time and actually felt embarrassed fort them. There didn't seem to be no direction at all - acting, story etc.

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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 2

Right, &#39;a new chapter in terror&#39;... Yeah, I beg to differ.<br/><br/>I sat down to watch the 2020 movie &quot;Conjuring the Devil&quot; (aka &quot;Demon Nun&quot;) given its cover/poster, which looked rather interesting. And being a big fan of the horror genre and this being a movie I hadn&#39;t already seen, of course I found myself sitting down to watch it. Well, at least I made it 30 minutes into it, and then I just gave up. Make no mistake, this movie is bad, and not in a good-way-kind of bad. It was just downright and plainly b-a-d.<br/><br/>The storyline was just as unappealing as it was boring and pointless. And I literally found nothing of any interest in the storyline in the 30 minutes that I suffered through. And if virtually didn&#39;t help one bit that the characters were equally pointless and mundane.<br/><br/>Now, I am sure that the actors and actresses in the movie were adequate enough for a movie of this caliber, but they virtually had nothing to work with in terms of a proper script, plot and characters.<br/><br/>As for the special effects and make-up, well... The special effects were adequate enough for a movie such as this, I suppose. At least I have seen worse effects in movies. But the make-up effects was actually good enough.<br/><br/>I am not going to bother with returning to this movie to watch it a second time, because &quot;Conjuring the Devil&quot; did absolutely nothing for me. While it is not among the top 10 of bad movies I have seen, &quot;Conjuring the Devil&quot; ranks up high on the list of boring movies, though. My rating of this movie lands on a more than generous two out of ten stars.

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