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Reviewed by wes-connors 6

&quot;Come September&quot;, handsome Rock Hudson (as Robert Talbot) goes to his luxurious Italian villa, to hook up with gorgeous part-time lover Gina Lollobrigida (as Lisa Fellini). Suddenly changing plans, Mr. Hudson surprises Ms. Lollobrigida by arriving two months before their annual rendezvous. Looking for more commitment, Lollobrigida has made plans to marry another man; but, she agrees to meet Hudson for one more fling. Their love nest is disrupted by entrepreneurial &quot;major domo&quot; Walter Slezak (as Maurice Clavell).<br/><br/>Since Hudson never appears before September, Mr. Slezak has turned Hudson&#39;s villa into a hotel for sightseeing teenage girls. Hudson takes a fatherly interest in them, most notably sunny Sandra Dee (as Sandy Stevens). And, he tries to keep Ms. Dee and her girlfriends away from a group of amorous young men, most notably singer Bobby Darin (as Tony). And, yes, that&#39;s Joel Grey (as Beagle) years before his overnight success in &quot;Cabaret&quot; (1972). Eventually young and old have a meeting of the minds.<br/><br/>This was Mr. Darin&#39;s first feature film appearance as an actor; despite being slightly miscast, he is good. Darin&#39;s single &quot;Multiplication&quot; was an accompanying hit (in the film, Hudson has a cute line about sexual mathematics). In real life, Darin and Dee (already a big movie star) married after an off screen romance. Oddly enough, on screen, the young lovers are no match for Hudson and Lollobrigida. The production is first class, with photographer William Daniels highlighting the beauty of the sets, locations and Lollobrigida. <br/><br/>****** Come September (8/8/61) Robert Mulligan ~ Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Bobby Darin, Sandra Dee

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Reviewed by blanche-2 7

Rock Hudson and Gina Lollabrigida star in &quot;Come September,&quot; a 1961 comedy beautifully photographed to showcase the glorious scenery of Portafino, Italy, and the exquisiteness of Gina Lollabrigida, a knockout if there ever was one. Haven&#39;t seen her lately, but 25 years later, she was every bit as gorgeous.<br/><br/>Hudson plays a millionaire who comes to Italy to spend time in his villa each September. This year, he arrives early, looking forward to a dalliance with Lollobrigida as well. But she&#39;s through with him and planning to marry someone else - until she hears his voice. When Hudson arrives at his fabulous villa, he discovers that his major domo (expertly played by Walter Slezak) has, for the last six years, been turning his place into a hotel. There is a bus load of young girls staying there with their chaperone, who slips on a champagne cork and is put out of commission. Thus, the girls can&#39;t leave and Hudson feels compelled to chaperone them. When Lollobrigida hears the advice he&#39;s giving the young women to keep them out of the clutches of some young men who have arrived with reservations - she&#39;s not happy. The young men figure Hudson is too old to compete with them so they try exhausting him, hoping to get some time alone with the women.<br/><br/>Though this comedy sags in the middle, it&#39;s a cute story and the cast is delightful, including Sandra Dee and Bobby Darrin, who sings the title song and also &quot;Multiplication&quot; at a night club. A great talent, his is a sad story of a gifted song stylist who didn&#39;t live to mine his full potential. It is during this film that he met his future wife, Dee.<br/><br/>Hudson is handsome and fit and again shows his ability for comedy, and Lollabrigida gives an energetic, sexy performance. Their dance together in the nightclub is a high point.<br/><br/>One of the posters mentioned that Hudson&#39;s films today are diminished because of his now-known sexual preference. I submit this is ridiculous. Straight people have played gay people for years, and vice versa. The fact that we may not be aware of it doesn&#39;t make it any less true. Hudson plays a straight man in this, and he&#39;s effective. When did it become a mandate that actors could only play themselves? It&#39;s not called acting for nothing.

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Reviewed by v4aholm 10

I loved this movie. I have watched it over and over again . Rock,Gina,Sandra and Bobby were all fantastic. They don&#39;t make movies like this anymore. The countryside where it was filmed was beautiful. The chemistry between Sandra Dee and Bobby Darrin was exciting. A lot of fun!

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