Cold Brook


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Reviewed by micky993-584-301146 10

I saw this movie at the Woodstock Film Festival and it was the BEST movie there and Best movie I have seen all year!William Fichtner did an amazing job on both sides of the camera and Kym Coates and he work together so well!A truly heart warming story that everyone in the family will enjoy!

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Reviewed by alsupremo 1

William Fichtner did a great job of acting but the remainder of the cast were mediocre. The story and comedy is weak and a little silly, similar theme to other movies like Night at the Museum. The Two museum Police officers were depicted as absolutely stupid to try to get cheap laughs but the comedy was more embarrassing than funny. Saw this at a Florida film festival and was one of the worst shown.

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Reviewed by mercedes-65102 10

Great movie. William and Kim did a great job. The cinematography was well done and story line is very touching.The sense of humor is really funny and great.

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