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Reviewed by cwhaskell 7

Before I say too much I think it&#39;s important to point out that this was a made for TV action movie, so right away that takes away any serious bloodbath potential, as well as any serious language or nudity possibilities. <br/><br/>So working under those parameters, not to mention a tight budget, I guess the creative team did OK with this one. There are a couple of sweet moments where the Wolverine shows how quickly and effortlessly he can crush a persons hope of survival. <br/><br/>That&#39;s about it. A couple of sweet kills sprinkled in a large vat of mediocrity. What&#39;s a hard-hitting action thrill ride without any of the vices discussed above and without a budget for special effects? It&#39;s a movie like Wolverine, with long periods of tough guys talking and making decisions and out-toughing each other, and a cliché ridden boring mess. <br/><br/>Some other reviewer already mentioned it, but the ending is really bad. Not even like &quot;oh, that&#39;s not the way I would have ended it&quot; or &quot;I don&#39;t understand the point the director is trying to make here&quot;, but just awful. It&#39;s a cliffhanger for all the wrong reasons, and made me want to go Wolverine on the production team<br/><br/>Rating: 12/40

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Reviewed by equipage 7

... for a made for TV movie, which by the way, is why the &quot;fade to black&quot; business the previous viewer commented on. That&#39;s what happens when HBO uses a TV movie and there are no commercials shown!! Actually, for being born Italian, Sabato, Jr. (his family moved to the U.S. when he was very young) is a convincing American and incredibly easy on the eyes which is worth an extra star alone!

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