Clean Break


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Reviewed by dimestore 3

I have to believe that this movie was made with good intentions. However, Tara Reid drags the pace of the film down. The poor cast seemed to have to cater to her lack of acting ability which didn't help. Her cleavage looked good, so I can say that about her. I don't believe she did any character preparation at all. She had three facial emotions: confused (scrunched brow), happy (smiling) and blank face (no smiling, no scrunched brow, though it can't be long before she's confused again in which case you should refer to face #1). Unfortunately, she is not the only one to blame. I can't help but think that everyone (directing, editing, actors, sound effects and music) could have thought out their role more thoroughly to make a decent film. George Wendt's performance was the best part of the film and might have made the movie worth watching if he had been in more scenes. I rated the film 3 stars instead of 2 because you have to give props to "Norm".

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Reviewed by cay-9 6

I just watched this movie and It was worth it.<br/><br/>A PR consultant couple runs a upcoming agency but things go sour when a planed partner wants to take over the firm by spreading false murder plans involving hitmens. Even the successful couple plans to murder each other when everything go wrong.<br/><br/>The plot is great and the production as well even do the story takes a while to get a truthfully grip on. Tara Reid who has the lead role is more pretty than talented but it works. The movie could have been great but it doesn&#39;t really grab you. The end of the movie lifts the hole picture and its not a waste of time at all.<br/><br/>See this movie!

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Reviewed by abhavananda-1 1

Tara Reid struggles to speak English.<br/><br/>Subtitles are required.<br/><br/>She&#39;s got this horrible hunched-over shoulder posture throughout the movie, and a single facial expression.<br/><br/>Tara, if you&#39;re reading this, for the love of God, please give up acting.<br/><br/>Every outfit shows her ugly cleavage, but because she does not open her mouth when speaking, there&#39;s little else to distract the viewer.<br/><br/>I get an uneasy feeling she funded the movie herself.<br/><br/>The best part of the movie was when I switched it off halfway through.

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