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Reviewed by tiffanymillen 10

This film covers one family's journey through their decision to exit the public school system and through several months of trial and error to find their own niche in the homeschooling world. It is an excellent source of information for anyone interested in alternative education. This movie will be my new 'go to' source to recommend for those looking to start on a journey outside the educational establishment. While it promotes unschooling above other options, it does cover multiple trends in homeschooling to give folks an overview of popular options and hopefully the confidence to chart their own course for the sake of their children. Topics covered include deschooling, classical homeschooling, charter independent study, and unschooling.

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Reviewed by sophia-57083 10

This film follows a family who decide to remove their children from school in order to homeschool. The viewer learns a lot about the homeschooling lifestyle while watching the family's compelling story. The story line makes the movie more than just a bunch of talking heads in a documentary. There's even suspense! Along the way the audience learns a lot about many different styles of homeschooling. Many common myths are debunked as well. All in all, the film is a satisfying experience for families considering this option, as well as for those who have already embraced it. There is much to think about and discuss after seeing Class Dismissed. Highly recommended!

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