Christmas on Chestnut Street


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Reviewed by nicolaj-rippon 8

OK, we don't have an Oscar-winner here, we don't even have a strikingly original plot, but what we do have is a funny and heartily enjoyable Christmas film. It's visually pleasing with the usual Chicago-at-Christmas pretty street scenes and the acting is bang on. If you've ever watched a Christmas movie before, or for that matter any rom-com then you're going to see the plot turns coming a mile off - but does that matter? Not one jot! You're not going to get stark warnings about future catastrophes, or high-octane action scenes either, but if you want that, you're unlikely to be looking in this direction! What "Christmas on Chestnut Street" does provide, and in buckets too, is a charming story, genuinely likable characters you actually care about, and a gently sentimental message about the true meaning of the holiday season. And what more do you want from your Christmas movie than that?

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Reviewed by Jazzie-too 10

Can't believe that out of 50,000 so few have voted on this 2006 TV movie. A year later and it did not have enough votes to post a rating. It is SO enjoyable. It may not be a 10, but it's certainly a worthwhile movie to enrich the spirit of the season. With so much else going on in the world, this is a nice way to be reminded of how things can be. If we could only get this spirit to spread and bring out more of the good in people. And remind us how good that feels and how easy it is to do. Even when things don't agree with you, or you don't like something, it reminds us how easy it can be to forgive or to forget, or to just be less hostile and less 'quick to judge'. And I especially liked how the story included the dad with Alzheimer's. Very thoughtful. So, come on and give it some love back. Enjoy it and vote.

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Reviewed by jennywhite0701 10

I loved the movie and want to know where it can be purchased. I recommend it to everyone. It was a great family movie.What Christmas spirit. Kids should be as respectful and good to their parents as Lou was. A lot of real life to the story A good romance. Good Christmas decor. Good choice in actors. Great story. Good feeling about the story I WOULD LIKE TO SEE A SEQUEL TO THIS MOVIE A very cutre story with a lot of real life happenings Some funny parts and sad parts. I liked the son a lot,He was right for the part I thought the parents were very true to life,great actors I would have liked to se the movie play several times nover.

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