Christmas Made to Order


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Reviewed by aliyahrocks 9

This movie was one of the better ones during this holiday season. I usually can't sit through Jonathan Bennett TV movies (Hallmark/Lifetime/UP Network) but, he was great in this film! He and Alexa PenaVega have great chemistry and I wouldn't mind even seeing a part 2 next year. "Christmas Made to Order is Definitely one to watch:)

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Reviewed by phd_travel 8

Moderately better than the usual Hallmark Christmas movie, an architect (Jonathan Bennett) with a deadline over a Christmas hires a decorator (Alexa PenaVega) to up his house when his family visits for the holidays. The transformation of his living room is nice. Then he hires her to entertain them over the holidays with festive activities.<br/><br/>It&#39;s fun to watch a movie without a failing business to save for a change.The family ought to appreciate he&#39;s working hard whether it&#39;s Christmas or not.<br/><br/>The lead actors look good together. Alexa looks prettier here. Amusing how he&#39;s clueless about turning things romantic.

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Reviewed by NikiSarah 7

Starts off with a few cheesy lines (like most of these movies) but the dialogue did get better. Plot was also pretty interesting and I&#39;m glad that Hallmark is starting to make more finding-love-in-the-city Christmas movies, because all those you-have-to-go-to-a-small-town-to-feel-the-Christmas-spirit-and-find-love movies were really, REALLY starting to get tiresome. PenaVega and Bennett were pretty good but my expectations are not high for Hallmark movies; still, they never took me out of the movie with over-the-top acting so that&#39;s a plus. I give it a 6.5-7 stars.

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