Christmas in Love


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Reviewed by Jackbv123 9

I know I&#39;m prejudiced. There is something about the bright shining face and happy spirit that Brooke D&#39;Orsay does so well. It&#39;s hard not to get drawn into that spirit when she has as much screen time as she does in this movie. Add Hallmark favorite Daniel Lissing and you have a winning combination. Give them plenty of screen time together and it&#39;s a winner.<br/><br/>There are only so many ways a plot like this can go. I thought there was a nice tiny twist with the rival. The way the Secret/Lie was discovered was totally natural, not forced. On the slightly negative side, Hallmark movie writers have a tendency to make it sound like the star&#39;s money making talent can be turned into gold, but if you watch many of these movies, that&#39;s not unusual.

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Reviewed by kz917-1 5

Let&#39;s be honest I watched this movie to see Daniel Lissing!<br/><br/>Typical plot points...<br/><br/>Baking!<br/><br/>Incoming CEO wanting to get in touch with the &quot;people&quot;.<br/><br/>With holding identity.<br/><br/>Someone in need of Christmas Spirit.<br/><br/>This one checks all the boxes.<br/><br/>Bonus points for the several smoldering kisses!<br/><br/>Enjoyable..

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Reviewed by marshatosh 6

I love the two lead actors! They&#39;re cute together, and bubbly, and make an overused storyline seem not quite so overused. But it really, Really, REALLY bothered me that she set foot into the food processing area several times with her long flowing hair possibly shedding all over the baked goods!!! Very unhygienic and against code, probably. Why can&#39;t these holiday movies actually show proper procedures around food stuffs.

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