Christmas in Hollywood


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Reviewed by asarandes 3

There is literally only one way to watch this. Wasted. With friends. So you can laugh at how someone could take a cute Christmas story concept and completely wreck it with the worst acting possible. I didn't even find the main character believable as a boy. This was so laughably bad, that I seriously can only recommend someone watch it wasted. And you take shots every time someone feebly attempts to convey any type of emotion. Good luck making it to the end.

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Reviewed by ronniedanger 8

More like a play than a movie. I liked the script and the actors. The only thing is the boy should have been a bit younger. He looked like 12 but obviously he was supposed to be younger, playing pirates, discussing Santa with school friends. I think kids might like to watch this with their parents. It reminded me of Secondhand Lions, the crazy uncle, the wild stories. Fun note, John Ford Coley who is a great singer plays a cop! I liked the singing by the cast at the end of the movie. Remember, it's fantasy and for kids. It's not a big budget movie for grown ups.

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