Christmas at Grand Valley


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Reviewed by rightisright 4

I always look forward to a Christmas movie with Danica McKellar. This one is so poorly written that even Danica can't do much with it.I did enjoy most of the supporting cast, but this is not a movie I'll ever need to watch again.

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Reviewed by nyz_snuggle_bunny 4

This year of holiday moves on Hallmark have been a real hit or miss for the 2018 season. This isn't one of their worst but it's not one of their better either. I happen to love Brennon Elliot and I enjoy quite a bit of Danica McKellar movies. I was expecting so much. Danica has been in so many Christmas Hallmark movies that I enjoyed except this movie. This movie just fell short. The supporting cast was great. I found myself more intrigue by the supporting cast story than the actually main story. I can't say if Brennon and Danica just didn't have good chemistry or if this was just a poorly written movie. I usually rematch the Christmas Movies as much as I can before hallmark goes back to their regular programming, it's safe to say I saw this once and won't be watching it again. I hope Hallmarks 2019 Christmas countdown line up has better movies than the 2018 line up.

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Reviewed by jk-692-236394 4

I have watched all the Hallmark, Lifetime, ION and Freeform Holiday movies this season. I usually really like Danica McKeller, and Dan Laura in most things they do. This movie actually bored me. I have a high tolerance for these movies, so I was caught off guard at how dull it was. There was zero chemistry with Brennan Elliott and he had a strange haircut. He plays a villain much better. I just do not think he is leading man material. The kids who played his kids were cute and good. Someone else said Hallmark has been hit and miss this season, and I agree. The other networks have upped their game and I saw some of my favorite new Holiday movies on Lifetime and other networks. This movie was a disappointment. The story just did not work.

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