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Reviewed by gothic-fiction 3

Ok, this one has a lot of very few things going on for it: all the montages you could squeeze in a movie of 93 minute, so many monologues and a bunch of random scenes that I think were supposed to have a meaning, but it flew right over my head sadly.<br/><br/>It is hard to recommend it, because what is it exactly? Horror..not quite, thriller..perhaps, drama, psychological..just tiny bits. It is a movie that I&#39;m glad it was made because experimental cinema manages to bring new stuff to the surface, but this one I feel will pass without making waves, because it has no target audience, well, perhaps those into choking and that alone.<br/><br/>You can clearly notice that the people who made this, did try their best and the quality is overall acceptable for such an indie production, yet even tho it started nicely and did grow, it became boring and rather confusing. Sadly, not a fan.<br/><br/>Cheers!

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Reviewed by d_capell1953 8

I thought the movie was a bit strange..and I don&#39;t think my friends would like it .. I am an ID ADDICT so I watch some stuff like this .. I think Lisa London did a great job in her character.. I give it an 8 ..

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Reviewed by guerillamoviemakers 9

There&#39;s no way to describe this film, really, which is merely a shame due to the low attention span of society today. I can&#39;t see your average youtuber audience giving this more than 5 minutes of attention, or even begin to comprehend what&#39;s happening were they to watch the whole thing. I don&#39;t even know what exactly happened, but I actually enjoy that. It kept me thinking long after the end. And many films these days seem to be afraid to try that anymore. This was a big thing in the 90s with ground breaking independent films which has long been lost.<br/><br/>There are plenty of flaws, but then again the early works of Aronofsky, Nolan, Soderbergh, and all of the major filmmaker working today also had flaws, if not more. But they also showed that they had a unique and original vision, which audiences then not only had the patience for, but new and interesting voices is what they wanted. Choke has this, in so many ways.<br/><br/>Choke can&#39;t be defined, which people seem to look at that as a curse these days, or as simply &quot;bad&quot;, when all that means it that it truly is a &quot;work of art.&quot;<br/><br/>This film is art, it&#39;s unique, it&#39;s original, while obviously influenced by many films before it as well. It&#39;s a shame that the world today simply does not believe in cinema anymore, as this could have made such a huge impact if released 25 years ago.

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