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Reviewed by Bobby Beans 7

Just like the best Hollywood equivalents, this short silent film has a simple storyline which is, of course, a wee bit over the top, is extremely funny and is perfectly paced. I wasn&#39;t expecting anything like this at all and it was a joy from start to finish.<br/><br/>Later, it made me think, once again, just how many wonderful short films there have been made and lost, from all corners of the world ... a darned shame.<br/><br/>If ever you get a chance to see this film, you won&#39;t be disappointed.

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Reviewed by Hitchcoc 7

This is a delightful little film. It is about ultimate addiction. The basic plot involves a young man (they had nerds back in 1925 in Russia), and his relationship with his fiancée. He lives and breathes chess (as do, it seems, most of the Russian people). He carries books, pamphlets, and little chess sets all over his person. He shows up three hours late for a meeting with his young lady, and while she is forgiving him, he has set up a board on a checkered handkerchief that he has put on the floor so he can kneel. As the young woman decides to kill herself, she can&#39;t get away from chess. It&#39;s there at every turn. Even the container of poison she buys looks like a chess piece. It is all ludicrous, but the comic timing and pratfalls are really cute.

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Reviewed by MartinHafer 9

I&#39;ve seen a reasonable number of Russian films and it seems that all the Soviet films available in the US are extremely serious in nature--such as ANDREY RUBLYOV, WAR AND PEACE, POTEMKIN, IVAN THE TERRIBLE, THE CRANES ARE FLYING, SOLARIS and the like. So I was not expecting to find a funny film--and CHESS FEVER was hilarious! In fact, I&#39;d place this silent comedy in the same category as a Keaton or Chaplin short--it&#39;s that funny.<br/><br/>The film begins with a geeky guy who absolutely loves chess. It&#39;s his wedding day, but he can&#39;t seem to focus on anything but chess. Seeing him in his crappy apartment with cats EVERYWHERE was pretty funny--you just have to see it to believe it. By the time he eventually makes it to his fiancée&#39;s home, hours have passed and she has had enough. She dumps the jerk and runs into a sympathetic man--who just happens to be the Soviet champion. However, he&#39;s no dummy--and he ISN&#39;T interested in chess! Eventually, the boyfriend decides to give up chess forever--leading to a funny conclusion.<br/><br/>From the description above, it doesn&#39;t sound like a very funny film...but it is. There are so many cute little jokes and laughs that I couldn&#39;t help but laugh out loud several times--something I don&#39;t normally do when I watch a film. Overall, it&#39;s well written, acted and a lot of fun and it left me wondering if there are any more Russian films like this! If you know of any, let me know.

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