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Reviewed by glennspillman 7

At first I didn't think I would really like it, but once I gave it a few minutes it grew on me. There were times when the acting was off, but not everything can be an Oscar winner right? The film actually had a really good story line, and it took you on a pretty good ride. But, I thought the DR. was a dick and not the way a theologian would act. But, looking back on that scene, it appears that he very well could have been possessed. I do have a problem with demon possession being like a virus, because it is in fact not. It is exactly that, a possession of a demon. I also don't agree that a demon can just jump from one body to the next at will. If a person is a person of faith, well, then by belief, that person has Jesus living within them, therefor a demon could in no way possess them. That person actually has a inner amulet. The film could have done a better job with explaining more about what the entity wanted. Yeah, end of days is fine and all, but so cliché and vague.

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Reviewed by movieman_kev 3

Patrick takes a trio of TV paranormal investigators with him to observe a couple&#39;s daughter, who appears to be suffering from the same possession that Patrick&#39;s own sister had suffered from before her untimely suicide, in this low-budget horror flick that&#39;s firmly in the &#39;found footage&#39; sub-genre.<br/><br/>I didn&#39;t particularly care for the &#39;found footage&#39; sub-genre, as in my mind, most of the films can come across as cheap, lazy, badly acted &amp; sloppy. This film suffers from it&#39;s faults yes, but it&#39;s still marginally better than other swill that populates this genre. Still not enough to rewatch it again anytime soon (or ever) though.

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Reviewed by dgonzalez-40797 8

Honestly wasn&#39;t expecting much- but I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I expected too. I especially loved the character of Hailey- I wish it would&#39;ve had more of a story about her because Elise is an excellent actress: I immediately recognized her from The show Salem.

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