Chained Heat 2


Crime / Drama

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Reviewed by RedBarDragon 9/10

This movie is great for Czech people, because they can see some starsnaked there. For example Lucie Benesova who started a an actress inmovies where a "busty naked blonde" was needed is now deemed to beactress suitable for serious roles and/or TV series. She would nevershow her body anymore so there is an opportunity to see what she has tooffer in this movie. Therefore I gave 9/10 as native Czech, but for therest of the world it is 1/10. ;)It is now sold here in Czech republicfor less than 2USD which is a price I would consider more thanadequate. For Czech people this movie could become a legend of SteveJackson's Braindead dimension.

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Reviewed by crack-4

Ive seen this a few times on TBS, surprisingly,its not that bad. IF you're into women in jailmovies where they're forced to get naked andsubmissive. The basic story is a woman isfalsely accused of some crime and sent to aCzech prison. At this prison, the wardenand the warden's "assistant" basically makethe prisoners into their sex slaves. Theyalso make porn films with them. thats basically all there is toit. Its a movie you watch to see the females,not for a story. If I was to rent it, Iwould most likely fast forward through1/2 of it.

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Reviewed by RTheManF89 6/10

To start this review off, I have never, ever seen the original ChainedHeat from 1983, but I was intrigued to check this one out, mainly forSylvester Stallone&#x27;s ex/Flavor Flav&#x27;s current lady friend, BrigitteNielsen and Paul Koslo (Robot Jox)<br><br>What was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime, turned out to be acomplete nightmare for young student Alex Morrison (Played by KimberlyKates.) Alex is wrongfully arrested for smuggling drugs into the CzechRepublic, and is found guilty, given a 10-year sentence, and shipped tothe Reznik Prison. At Reznik, she meets the sadistic Warden MagdaKassar (Played by Nielsen), her equally sadistic assistant Rosa, andBobo, a Shakespeare-quoting transvestite. Meanwhile, Alex&#x27;s sisterSuzanne (Played by Kari Whitman) tries to get the charges towards hersister cleared, with the help of attorney Mr. Goff (Played by Koslo),who hides an agenda of his own.<br><br>In no way would I call this movie a masterpiece. It is cheesy, but italso manages to be entertaining in some parts, like with Bobo, who Ifound to be quite funny, in an unintentional way. And Kimberly Kates ishot. No lie. So if you&#x27;re just looking for something to watch and havenothing better to do, give Chained Heat 2 a watch.<br><br>Slightly Recommended.<br><br>EXTRAS: The Canadian VHS tape, which I own, has a Cineplex Odeon GiftCard Promo and trailers for TC 2000 and Criminal Behavior.

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