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Reviewed by tmwest 7

This film has a good story, also good actors, the problem is that it seems that it was done with the lowest budget possible. Terry Moore, who was a pretty, sexy and good actress looks unhappy here (also does not look as pretty as usual) and I had the feeling she left before the film was finished, I could be wrong, but either that or the director did a bad job. Audie Murphy is very good as the irresponsible son of a wealthy man, who suddenly has to either succeed him in administering his property or accept a sum of money and continue with his wasted life.The fact that it was done in black and white in 1959 gives it a certain charm nowadays. It is however curious, considering that Murphy's westerns since the early fifties were always in color. The film goes so fast that one cannot absorb the change in character that Murphy goes through. Still, it is entertaining. I am sure that with the right budget it could have been quite a western.

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Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend 6

Cast a Long Shadow is directed by Thomas Carr and adapted to screenplay by Martin M. Goldsmith and John McGreevey from the novel written by Wayne D. Overholser. It stars Audie Murphy, Terry Moore, John Dehner, James Best, Denver Pyle and Ann Doran. Music is by Gerald Fried and cinematography by Wilfred Cline.<br/><br/>Filmed in black and white and produced out of the company Murphy formed with Walter Mirisch, Cast a Long Shadow is a tired Oater on narrative terms. The look and feel is fine and the performances are more than up to scratch, but there&#39;s a thematic drive missing from the writing, a missed opportunity to really pump some psychologically distorted blood into its veins.<br/><br/>Murphy is a tough drinking loose cannon type who inherits a ranch and renounces his past and plans to marry his sweetheart. But the ranch is wanted by the townsfolk as a means of productivity salvation and it transpires it&#39;s in a whole bunch of debt - with the bank vultures circling. So Audie takes control of a crucial cattle drive and proves to be a very hard task master, so much so he just may kill off any hope of saving the ranch in the process.<br/><br/>In the background is the hovering question of Murphy&#39;s illegitimacy, something which bothers him so, and with him trying to go straight and sober - but in the process alienating everyone around him, the meat is there for a tasty stew. Sadly it&#39;s only averagely unfurled and culmination of story leaves loose ends dangling. Still, it&#39;s never dull, music and photography are in sync with the play, and Murphy fans get good value for their time. 6/10

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Reviewed by bornagain710-331-212635 7

Not his best but not his worst. He will always be one of my Western Heroes

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