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Reviewed by befus 9

One of my favorite movies. I like horses, I like happy endings, and I like Walter Matthau. I miss him and am glad to have a great film like this to remind me why he was so wonderful. Watch it with your kids (or your horse).<br/><br/>The story of an old hard boot horse trainer with kids, and down on his luck. If you have ever had or appreciated horse racing you will appreciate the rags to riches storyline. It may be a little below &quot;Seabiscuit&quot;, but not a lot. The story is the same one, except it is the quarter horse version. Well acted, correct racing terms and equipment, and nice racing scenes. Don&#39;t take my word for it, get it and make up your own mind.

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Reviewed by knsevy 7

Walter Matthau can always improve a mediocre film, and this movie proves it. He turns in a very realistic performance as a small-time horse trainer and single father, not sugar-coating either role.<br/><br/>He can be, by turns, soft-hearted and doting, then iron-handed to his boys, and we can see the same dichotomy in his approach to horse training (we see that he doesn&#39;t want his young prospect racing horse overworked and hurt in small-time races, but he seems to be willing to risk the horse&#39;s life when he gets into the big time).<br/><br/>This is just one of Matthau&#39;s wonderful performances, and one that I highly recommend.

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Reviewed by lightninboy 8

A good movie for horse enthusiasts and most others. It&#39;s a horse racing movie, and it&#39;s a &quot;little man gets his chance&quot; movie, and it&#39;s a &quot;how far would you go?&quot; movie. Walter Mattau once again proves his adaptability as an actor. He fits right in as Lloyd Bourdelle, a Louisiana Cajun horse bum. This movie gives you a rare screen glimpse of Lousiana Cajun horse drag racing. He has a young quarter horse who is a top racing prospect. &quot;had nothing but a filling station and a good horse.&quot; The Bourdelles seize the opportunity to make it big by taking the horse, Shadow, to Ruidoso, New Mexico, to get ready to run in the All-American Futurity. But how far will Lloyd go to win the fame and fortune? Also memorable from this movie are scenes of Lloyd spitting tobacco juice and waiting for his truck to start.

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