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Reviewed by abisio 8

&quot;Carancho&quot; is a bird of prey; an animal that attack and feed on wounded animals. In this movie it&#39;s the pseudonym of lawyers that follow (and sometime stage) accidents in order to collect from insurance and scam the real victims (and the insurances companies too). <br/><br/>This kind of activity requires the help of corrupt cops, doctors and lots of low level people. These of course involves crude violence, filmed with taste but shocking none less. <br/><br/>The action was shoot mostly at night in San Justo (within Buenos Aires state), a very depressing location. This setup creates a very dark but absolutely real environment (filmed inside real hospitals and streets ) far from the artificially stylish of &quot;DARK NIGHT&quot;. Believe me, what you see is (even when it seems absurd) is the real thing. <br/><br/>Ricardo Darin (from the &quot;Son of the Bride&quot; and the Oscar winner &quot;The Secret in her eyes&quot;) as the repented lawyer and Martina Guzman (the director&#39;s wife and a real revelation) as a drug addicted doctor give outstanding performances, but the supporting cast quite as good. <br/><br/>Pablo Trapero (the director) was able to orchestrate an almost perfect movie (acting and locations, realistic violence, excellent camera work) with a minimum budget; but failed in the story itself ( which he wrote). <br/><br/>The love story between the two main characters slows down the movie a bit. There are a couple of important situations left unexplained. <br/><br/>In brief; perhaps a little more work on the history could improve this movie but is still far better and effective than 98% of movies currently in theaters.

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Reviewed by argento100 10

As Argentinian, one of the most important things that i like of our actors is that they act normal like in real life. Not overact as i can see in many Hollywood stars. I like to see people blaming, fighting, feeling as we do in real life, i think is one of the most strong values of our good actors. I can tell you we are like him, Ricardo Darin resume exactly how we the argentinians talks and gesticulate. <br/><br/>The dark like of the movie and the places is nothing more than the reality of the streets, the reality of hospitals. They are so human and common that they can do the movie perfectly credible, &#39;cause, everything (except the love history) is a every day real situations. Of course is not everything tetricus and bad, is a part, there is also good and nice places, but this movie is focused on the dark side.<br/><br/>I strongly recommend this movie, and i wasn&#39;t expecting much for this one when i started to see it. It will make you sit and watch all the movie without any second of distraction, every minute worth. Very human, very real, great acts, great camera work (better than i expect for our cinema), everything is very well done.

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Reviewed by casch0101 7

I consider Ricardo Darin is one of the best actors in the world. Period. He has been approached to become a &quot;hollywood star&quot; &quot;a la Banderas and Bardem&quot;, but refused to. He is very OK in his native Argentina, and has been in four movies during five years. Trapero is a top-notch scriptwriter and director. Notwithstanding the emotional anxiety or even repulsion that the story itself and some scenes may convey, this is a phenomenal work of art film, cinematography, acting, direction, design and clothing. The romance between these two souls (one, dishonest, the other, weird and low self-esteem)is believable, and adds some suppleness to an otherwise very twisted and somewhat creepy story.

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