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Reviewed by Aregie 7

To begin with, I found the acting in this film superb. Maggie Smith was flawless as ever, and, as I am accustomed only to David Walliams&#39;comedic work it was a treat to see him in something completely different.<br/><br/>While watching it my expectations were turned on end continually. At first it was shaping up as &quot;aged socialite revisits colourful past&quot;, then it veered towards romance, swiftly doing a 180 towards suspense/horror. I could never seem to be able to slot it neatly into one genre, and after some time of feeling frustrated and somewhat confused, I relaxed and decided to just watch. By the end I felt I had been on a journey, one without a predictable structure or clear moral outcome, but one that slowly revealed character&#39;s life-questions. And there was satisfaction in knowing those questions were only beginning to be answered by the roll of the ending credits.

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Reviewed by jo979 8

Like Shooting the Past and Friends and Crocodiles, Poliakoff creates yet another intriguing dynamic between a man and a woman, and unlike every other television writer, he doesn&#39;t fall for the cliché that just because two people of the opposite sex meet that they should then fall in love.<br/><br/>No, his writing is far more interesting, far more subtle, and like his other films the relationship between the two protagonists is captivating. Unlike the other films however, in Capturing Mary it is also very creepy.<br/><br/>I loved the concept of this young woman unable to shake off these horrible stories she has heard, unable to escape from Greville&#39;s destructive influence. Yes by the end there are more questions than answers but I think this is a minor flaw in an otherwise brilliant observation of regret, loss, fear and the effect a few moments of your life can have on you forever.<br/><br/>Stunning, haunting, beautiful and eerie, you&#39;ll be thinking about this film long after the DVD has stopped.

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Reviewed by mikolmendes 8

It is what it is. If you watched Joe&#39;s Palace, you&#39;ll get it. For those who called it rubbish, you&#39;re absolutely wrong. WWII was a beastly time in history, deep in conjecture. This is a good objective look on the frivolity and incomprehensible behavior and in-observance of that time in history. No different from now, same atrocities, same indifference and justifications of those in power. Inflictions of most civilians were not intended or personal, people were just trying to get through it, confused and thriving on distractions. So watch it, it&#39;s a history lesson. 10 for performances. You need to view Joe&#39;s Palace first. Great films for WWII history buffs, and promises an entertaining and pensive evening for both genders. It&#39;s a different take on the brutality of that time. Not drenched in warfare and genocide, but still moving and painful.

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