Can't Stand Losing You: Surviving The Police


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Reviewed by ThrowntoReality 5

I thought it was interesting to hear the story of the band from someone other than Sting, who sometimes seem to get all the credit for their success. This isn&#39;t fair, of course, since Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers are very talented musicians in their own right.<br/><br/>This doesn&#39;t shine through very clearly in the documentary, however. For a film that follows the guitar player in one of the biggest bands of their time, from his childhood until The Police&#39;s reunion tour in 2007, you really don&#39;t feel like you know him at the end of the journey. You basically hear him read what seems to be his diary throughout the whole thing, inter-cut with concert footage and interviews. At times, it feels like you&#39;re listening to an audio book with accompanying pictures. This makes for a film that, despite being personal and very informative, somehow still keeps the viewer at a considerable distance. As a result, the film comes off as rather dull and drags more than I bet was intended.<br/><br/>It&#39;s a good documentary for the avid Police fan, but I doubt whether it&#39;s entertaining enough for casual viewers.

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