Candy Corn


Horror / Thriller

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Reviewed by Wikkid_Gamez 5

True that I was definitely not expecting much, but this ended up being a fun little Halloween movie. It is a bit clunky at times as someone else said but the acting was decent, the effects and blood were realistic enough and I loved the whole vibe the setting had. A simple plot and story that plays out typical of movies like this. It reminded me of the Pumpkinhead movies and such. The makeup on the &quot;creature/avenging victim&quot; is good. They didn&#39;t take his looks over the top keeping him realistic looking and creepy. The whole late 70&#39;s setting was fun as it gave the feel of those older movies. The cinematography was good and I loved that it seems to have actually been filmed in Autumn with the trees and such so my guess is that it must have been mostly filmed last Autumn maybe? I am not sure.<br/><br/>Overall it was good for the budget. Tony Todd was the main reason I gave this one a chance and watched a trailer on YouTube to get an idea of how cheesy it would be. Which it really is not that cheesy, the actors take the film seriously which definitely helps. With just a few good quips thrown in but not enough to be annoying.<br/><br/>I would recommend this to anyone with an open mind that can appreciate low budget horror films without expecting blockbuster results.

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Reviewed by FilmsFillMyHoles 5

Josh Hasty wears his influences on his sleeves loud and proud, like patches on his favourite jean jacket, but I&#39;d say he pulls off the look well enough. In the beginning we&#39;re treated with a nice establishing scene - with the one and only Sky Elobar - which is followed by that fantastic title sequence, with those wonderful autumn vibes and soothing synths (it&#39;s the absolute highlight for me). Then the plot kicks in and things start to fall flat and slooow down rather quickly.<br/><br/>With an uninspired revenge plot and the lack of a real protagonist - stuck with a boring killer (liked the pumpkin candy holder schtick, though), boring bullies, and a boring sheriff - the mind begins to wander over into the background, which is where Candy Corn&#39;s strength lies. The lovely set dressing and location, the Carpenteresque score, and all those endearing side/background characters - the deputies, Elobar, P.J. freaking Soles! (essentially playing Lucy Moran), Pancho Moler&#39;s especially fun. I also like how it all seems sort of out of time, like I&#39;ve no idea when it&#39;s supposed to take place (can&#39;t remember if it&#39;s mentioned).<br/><br/>While it could have been a little tighter - there are clear pacing issues and those forced slo-mo scenes are a bother - it is about 80 minutes of perfectly enjoyable mood setting for Halloween season. So I think I would recommend it as just that.<br/><br/>Also, if this were to turn into a series, I&#39;d be into checking a sequel out come next year, or something.

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Reviewed by bossphotog 10

I had followed this project since the crowdfunding and it did NOT disappoint. I had such fun watching this and it was so refreshing introducing a new slasher to the scene.<br/><br/>Happy Haloweeen!

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