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Reviewed by al-eaton 7

I worked at the Disney Studios when this film was made. It was given a wide showing to Studio employees prior to release. At that time there were no &quot;main titles.&quot; We were also given a list of potential release titles, the simple &quot;Candleshoe&quot; winning out. The employee comments were overwhelmingly positive and the movie went on to do good business.<br/><br/>One reviewer commented that the movie contained a high level of violence for a live action Disney film. It is no more violent than many such Disney movies (just see the final fight in &quot;Blackbeard&#39;s Ghost&quot; for example). There are several general brawls in Candleshoe, (including the climatic battle between the good guys and the bad guys), but it all done tongue-in-cheek; it is totally unobjectionable, and meant purely for fun. This last &quot;battle&quot; is played so broadly in fact that one might even say it nearly goes &quot;over the top.&quot; <br/><br/>David Niven is wonderful in a variety of roles, from the butler, to a gardener to a retired army colonel. (The role was originally set for Laurence Oliver.) This was the first of two Niven films for Disney, the other being &quot;No Deposit, No Return.&quot;<br/><br/>The nice thing about &quot;Candleshoe&quot; is that it continues to entertain more than 25 years after its release.

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Reviewed by young_for_eternity_0071 7

Possibly one of the best family films ever made by Disney. Jodie Foster is brilliant as the wayward teen who&#39;s going nowhere. Even at that early age you can see why she has gone on to become one of Hollywoods most successful actresses - she&#39;s definitely underrated.<br/><br/>Candleshoe is packed full of memorable one liners that just stick with you for months, even years, following watching this film.<br/><br/>I grew up watching it and have never stopped! Also, &#39;Grandmother&#39;s&#39; accent is perfect, considering the actress herself is American.<br/><br/>Watch this film, you won&#39;t be disappointed!<br/><br/>Unfortunately I had to surf the Net and order it from America to get hold of my copy, but if you DO find it to buy, don&#39;t hesitate.

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Reviewed by bevaner 10

Another Disney classic, a definite for young children and a movie I would recommend for families.<br/><br/>The country setting helps this film along as it reinforces the atmosphere being an &quot;old&quot; age film, set in the past, but not to far back. The acting by Jodie Foster in this film is delightful to watch as the tomboy cliché is used but to great effect. Another brilliant performance is by David Niven, the butler, but who undergoes changes in his personality to acquire different identities as to accompany his mistress in disguise, giving her a sense of many friendships.<br/><br/>Any fight scenes are classically in Disney fashion, amusing and inventive defences and preceding this, even a car chase magnificently manoeuvred by Mr. Prairy the butler (Niven)and much to any child&#39;s delight.<br/><br/>A film guaranteed to be loved by young children and even appreciated by the open-minded of older years but without a doubt, a family film enjoyed by all the family, including the grandparents!!

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