Camp Cold Brook


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Reviewed by jimskyler 10

Sometimes a movie comes along that surprises you in a good way and this was one of those films. I loved that some of the scary scenes were shot during the day ( suspension bridge scene was awesome ) and the night time scene had a sinister vibe that definitely creeps me out. The actors did a great job and the low key pacing worked well with the story and scares. Watch this one at 3 AM kids!!

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Reviewed by thecraigmack 10

This little gem really takes its time, but never dull and only drew me in. The performances were all quite good and the eerie sense of dread that creeps in is powerful. Didn't love the ending but sure did love the trip to get there!

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Reviewed by totlich 10

Brilliantly uses a steady buildup of tension while delivering plenty of scares. The voice over in the beginning is perfect! What a voice!

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