Burying Yasmeen


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Reviewed by johnbeckermedia 10

Burying Yasmeen is one of the most unique comedies I've seen in quite some time. This film constantly catches you off-guard with quirky moments, both big and small. After watching the movie, I'd find myself giggling over brief scenes, such as the one where Jason meets a girl in line for a restroom. The tone of the scene, and the film overall, was so original that it kept hitting me with the unexpected. It made me wonder if that scene was scripted that way or if it was improvised.The cast was strong, as was the writing.It's difficult to compare this film to anything else, but I think the closest might be a Coen Brothers feel with a hint of Parks and Rec. If you tend to like very original comedies, you owe it to yourself to watch Burying Yasmeen.

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Reviewed by psxexperten 1

The 10 star review for this piece of trash is written by friends of cast and crew. Such a waste of time!A movie with shagging in the opening scene tells all about how bad the rest will be. One of the lowest of low budget trash I've seen in a decade.A lesson in bad writing and awful acting, don't waste your time.

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