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Reviewed by AugustBudWeiser 3

...it&#39;s dark (did the DP leave his thumb over the iPhone camera?), somewhat incomprehensible, rather boring and obviously a freshman effort.<br/><br/>The actors&#39; performances are very strong, but the film literally lulled me to sleep.<br/><br/>The gushing over the young director (okay, he made the film in high school, rah, rah, rah) and existence of 20+ Marvel Cinematic Universe &quot;films&quot; may indicate the end of civilization is near.<br/><br/>Suppose it was time for &quot;Beasts of the Southern Wild 2,&quot; because this is it. That film was much more interesting.

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Reviewed by rsmarwa 7

Burning Cane - I have followed this movie ever since Ava DuVernay (director of When They See Us / Selma) mentioned it on her Instagram. Her company Array Now would inevitable distribute it on Netflix, who Ava has sustained a good working relationship with.<br/><br/>The film has been successfully screening both in the US and UK and has mostly mixed reviews. However, being a fan of independent films, I found this film to be quite intriguing. I found its characters relatable to most families today. I found its subject matter to be quite profound. Althought, at times, different decisions could have been made with the placement of the camera, it is the humble beginnings of a director who is bound to go far.<br/><br/>The films director, a 19 year old Phillip Youmans demonstrates his ability to tell a story without the need for flashy cars and over the top CGI.. The film is anything but that. It is a simple story at heart. Youmans also shows his ability to make a movie without the need of a major studio backing him, although this is where he is headed next.<br/><br/>After winning the top prize at the Tribeca film festival, many people came out with mixed feelings for the film. Many even went as far as to say the film is boring and amateurish. I however, disagree. If you&#39;re interested in how a story can be and should be told, then you&#39;ll enjoy this. If not, im sure theres a screening of some franchise film playing somewhere you can waste your money on.<br/><br/>Independent film, at its core is about human emotion, disasters, pain, grief, suffering, loss, happiness and love. Youmans showcases this in his film BURNING CANE.<br/><br/>The reason for my score is purely based on Youmans decisions for camera placement and at times, a fluctuating audio level.<br/><br/>A solid effort from a director who is about to become noticed.

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Reviewed by jjoneill-91555 1

Incomrehensible clap trap and babble. The fancy whiskey, the stylish German coup, all of it unbelievable and silly. Talking or thinking any more about this movie would be a waste of breath.

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