Burning Bright


Drama / Horror

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Reviewed by BakuryuuTyranno 5

The essential premise behind &quot;Burning Bright&quot; is pretty good. Naturally well, nobody can really relate to finding tigers walking through their house, but we all know it would be pretty terrifying experience, and naturally it&#39;s exactly what the protagonists are experiencing now.<br/><br/>Actually sometimes its almost as if the tiger understands the house&#39;s design somewhat, and it keeps showing up surprisingly persistently; granted it&#39;s starved but finding the people so often stretches believability a bit.<br/><br/>Then there&#39;s the real problem. For conflict reasons, the protagonist&#39;s brother is autistic. Now autistic people consider routines important but in my experience they kinda pout when something throws off their routine, maybe not even that. Shouting and screaming seems doubtful. Autistic people are impaired in communications ability and social behavior; they&#39;re not incapable of understanding if their lives are in jeopardy. Yet said brother makes an awful lot of noise for someone in danger.<br/><br/>It&#39;s really unfortunately there&#39;s no commentary, because whether or not this character was based on an actual autistic (unlikely, but maybe...) is kinda important. I&#39;d be surprised if he was although if not this character&#39;s portrayal brings the movie down somewhat.

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Reviewed by BOOGIEMAN-pN 7/10

Trapped in a hurricane-proof shelter house with a starving tiger ...one really can not expect much from a simple plot like that, withrelatively unknown actors and (most likely) very modest budget.<br><br>Surprisingly, I smoothly give it 7 out of 10 on my scale, and not onlybecause of gorgeous sweaty Briana Evigan (interesting, I didn&#x27;t evennotice her in Sorrority Row) in a wet white undershirt through most ofthe movie ... but yes, sure that helped a bit in boosting my rating. <br><br>I don&#x27;t know how the tiger scenes were done, but they are more thansatisfying, in few scenes even buzzed me out of my bed. Only thing Ican complain about is lack of body count and blood, since there areonly two persons in the house.<br><br>If you liked The Collector (2009) go for this one too, and vice versa.

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Reviewed by coolidgebutch 7

I think the fact that i went into this movie knowing nothing about it helped me enjoy this even more. I love how they use a real tiger instead of some CGI cartoon mixed with reality. I loved the acting and the story development, it really came together and keeps you on edge. Lets not get it twisted, this is a family friendly film but its not cheesy in any way. I highly recommend this one

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