Bullets of Justice


Action / Horror

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Reviewed by kosmasp 7

... and that is why it&#39;s good ... well enjoyable! But you have to wrap your mind around how completely crazy this is, but also more than aware. There are not walls to pull down, the movie has bombed them away. So yes, wink wink, the filmmakers know what they did and they show you almost every second of the movie.<br/><br/>Now even that is a fine line to walk. I can&#39;t decide for you, if that movie achieves that goal in your view. I think it does more often than not (yes some things do not hit home). Overall this is as silly as it can get and there is quite a lot of violence ... and it is also made so there can be sequels ... More of this mayhem? That&#39;s either yey or nay - you decide

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Reviewed by contactmaz 1

Makes a pig-sty look welcoming!<br/><br/>This is one huge mess of a film that hurt to watch... truly painful...<br/><br/>I took one for the team by watching it all to warn others to keep away! Utter trash, and by the way, who the H comes up with ideas like this? Pigs??????? What the ????!

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Reviewed by Shewattsi 10

It takes a brave group of people to make a film like this, and the cast in Bullets of Justice really just go for it. It&#39;s a send up of all the post apocalypse hard man films, is firmly silly (but always with a straight face) and has plot lines and cutaways that just come out of nowhere and go exactly nowhere. It&#39;s brilliant and it&#39;ll make you laugh.

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