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Reviewed by eileenmchenry 9

This is a dandy little nature-run-amok film, in which giant cockroaches from the center of the earth make their appearance in a small farming community. Bradford Dillman was never better than he is here as the tortured Dr. Parmiter. He fairly sweats acting genius through his beard stubble.

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Reviewed by etherman23 7

I saw this movie once about 20 years ago. If you read other's comments you'll find that just about everyone hates the second half of the movie. For me it was the reverse. The first half wasn't particularly interesting. Bugs starting fires, BIG DEAL. Then the movie apparently ends and you're wondering what else could happen. That's where it gets interesting. I liked the doctor's slow descent into madness. It was highly original and refreshing twist. The bugs on the wall just rocked! If you want to make more sense of the doctor's actions read the book, The Hephaestus Plague. The book actually continues on beyond where the movie ends. I'd really recommend this movie unless of course you want stupid CGI instead of plot and character development.

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Reviewed by mattwoldm 10

This movie isn&#39;t really that bad at all. I have a very fond memory is of this passing through our local drive-in, me wishing that I was one of the big kids and that I could go see such a terrifying violent horror movie. I remember tha period, you know, Day Of The Animals, Grizzly, Don&#39;t Go In The House, The Swarm, etc. What a great era man! So - I just watched this movie for the second time (I saw it once before but don&#39;t remember when). It&#39;s great as a &quot;capsule in time&quot; . Things I liked - some decent shots, some not hideous special effects - the cast giving it their best shot to keep a straight face. And would agree with a few others, the second half, after, I would also agree the snorefest of &quot;experiments&quot;, things take a turn for the better. Darker, unpredictable, actually kind of scary, and<br/><br/>completely over the top zany, I didn&#39;t see that coming. So not bad at all<br/><br/>entertaining enough to rent on a Thursday night. OK - now I&#39;m gonig to watch NO DEPOSIT NO RETURN...buhhh bye now..buh bye

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