Broken Trust


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Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 5

In Los Angeles, the lawyer Sophie Anderson (Laura Vandervoort) works in an attorney office founded by her deceased father and his friend Bruce Harris (Sean Allan) that Sophie considers as a father. Sophie is working in her biggest case so far relative to an intellectual property against a powerful pharmaceutical company. Out of the blue, Bruce disappears and Sophie reports to the police department, where her former fiancé Eric Robinson (Shawn Roberts) is a detective. When she leaves the precinct, she is contacted by a stranger that explains that Bruce has been kidnapped and she must follow his orders; otherwise he would harm and kill her boss. Soon Sophie discovers that she is trapped in an evil scheme and someone powerful is manipulating her like a puppet.<br/><br/>&quot;Broken Trust&quot; is a Canadian thriller with a predictable but entertaining story. The final twist does not surprise. The lawyer Sophie Anderson is too naive and the screenplay has many flaws but this movie can be watched if the viewer does not have a great expectation. My vote is five.<br/><br/>Title (Brazil): &quot;Isolada&quot; (&quot;Isolated&quot;)

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Reviewed by mattlb2 6

Something about this film says &quot;TV movie&quot;, although I&#39;m not sure exactly what aspect of it. What starts as a legal thriller with a sassy female lawyer turns into a chase movie that strains credibility, with the almost superhuman composure/ingenuity of the lead character and the improbable reach and resources of the bad guy. In a Bond film you have exactly the same issues, but those films don&#39;t try to pretend he&#39;s just a normal person caught up in extraordinary events. <br/><br/>All of the chase drama is fitted in around an ongoing trial and the rekindling of a romance with an ex-boyfriend (a cop who also becomes embroiled in the events), so perhaps it&#39;s this &quot;too much going on&quot; aspect that also leads to the believability creaking.<br/><br/>Laura Vandervoort puts in a good performance - with more energy and angst than more famous roles like V and Smallville - which keeps it watchable, but it is never quite suspenseful or thrilling enough to spark. Worth a watch if you like race-against-time style plots or strong female leads.

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Reviewed by isaacj-oconnor 2

This movie, a supposed &quot;thriller&quot; is awful. The acting, which is garbage, some actors are alright but most are just terrible. The camera angles are just the worst. They are in the worst possible spots for each scene. The music is the worst thing though by far. They use this &quot;intense&quot; music attempting to scare you and make it a real thriller, but the acting isn&#39;t good enough to make it a thriller, or the plot.<br/><br/>Most scenes when they use this music it&#39;s an awful attempt to scare you. It repeats the exact same music in other scenes, can&#39;t they make up something else? The music seems completely irrelevant to the movie too. Anyways, my point is the acting is gross. If you&#39;re looking for a good movie, skip past this one.

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