Broken Horses


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Reviewed by deloudelouvain 8

What actual makes me laugh when I read the reviews on IMDb is that most of the time movies with mediocre reviews are to me the best ones and movies with outstanding reviews I find them almost unwatchable. I don't know if it's me or if it is just the posh people that like movies from Lars Von Trier and David Lynch that review the most movies but I question myself if I have bad taste or what? I thought Broken Horses was a really good movie, with enough suspense to keep you interested during the whole movie. Unlike boring movies from Von Trier and Lynch where the story sucks big time and you kind of wish the movie ends as soon as possible. With this one I didn't get bored a second. Chris Marquette plays the mildly retarded brother brilliantly. I couldn't fail any of the actors actually. They were all good. The filming is also good and the story is also good. Everything about this movie is just good. Why it only gets such a low score on here is a mystery to me.

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Reviewed by papukamakshi 4

As &quot;Broken Horses&quot; was drawing to a close, I formulated my review. I had just one sentence: &quot;You could do worse than spend a totally free evening --when there&#39;s no cricket, even--watching this movie.&quot;<br/><br/>It is just a yarn, spun without imagination, and that yarn isn&#39;t substantial enough to be woven into a unique design.<br/><br/>There were a couple of twists and turns, some modicum of suspense, many efforts to get the tear ducts opening, but all through I kept thinking, &quot;This is kind of embarrassing.&quot; If the movie theater had been full, I dare say there would have been guffaws at the flat story-telling and the clunky dialogs. That would have amused me.<br/><br/>With movies on familiar themes you want slick treatment, snappy dialog, and a sound-track that tells some of the story without the aid of words. And in this movie where music is a major theme, I really missed the magic an original score and sound-effects can play.<br/><br/>That&#39;s it. You aren&#39;t likely to go bananas about any aspect of this film, except may be the photography. Having seen this, I am not dying to see &quot;Parinda&quot; either.

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Reviewed by joebloggscity 7

I don&#39;t get it. This movie has some high levels supporters (such as James Cameron) praising the movie, yet I can&#39;t see in any way how they are able to back it up. We have here a film centring round two brothers, who are caught in the middle of a corruption ring. One brother is slow witted and is being used whilst the other is trapped in his efforts to help his brother.<br/><br/>It&#39;s about brotherhood, loyalty, blood etc etc. The problem is that it just isn&#39;t gripping. The storyline is mostly poor and nothing complex, but the underlying themes need something challenging. It&#39;s absent here.<br/><br/>The main leads are fair enough and not big names, working hard with the material in front of them, but they can little save this.<br/><br/>The cinematography is beautiful and so is the natural scenery, but that&#39;s as good as it gets.<br/><br/>Not by any means the poorest film of late, but one that I can&#39;t seem to like. If it wasn&#39;t for the major sponsors of this film it likely would never have got any of the attention it ever did.

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