Britney Ever After


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Reviewed by phojar 1

First of all, watching the movie does not give you any information or help you understand what really happened during the tough years. <br/><br/>Second, even though I don&#39;t know much about Britney, I do know that a lot of the movie was inaccurate. <br/><br/>Horrible acting. <br/><br/>Horrible casting - the main character does not make you feel like you are watching something about Britney&#39;s life because she does not look like her AT ALL. And the JT character -- really?? From there it only got worse - I didn&#39;t realize the guy playing Kevin was supposed to be K-Fed. <br/><br/>Horrible storytelling - they jumped all over the place and skipped LOTS of important things (both good and bad).

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Reviewed by jtaveras64 1

Initially from the opening shots it felt like I was watching an SNL version of Britney&#39;s life ..From the cooky vibe, to the tacky accent to the overly hyped up 9 year old silly girl performance of the lead, I knew I was watching a joke and a disaster, but I was curious.<br/><br/>The girl has 0 sex appeal nor conviction nor even physical attractiveness (with all due respect to her off course) but its insulting to one the biggest pop icons in the world who&#39;s known for being sexy, sultry and physically perfect.<br/><br/>I assumed they could not use the real music for copy right infringement issues that could result in a law suit, and that is what happens when you make a movie about someone whose life is not even half way through being lived and does not approve of the story. That affected the story GREATLY ! Not a single Britney song lol <br/><br/>There are levels of bad, and I came into this with poor expectations, but it surprised me just how truly horrid it was, the acting the direction, the story layout, above all the lead, and everything in between. The amateurish direction, the poor production values and the terrible cast truly destroyed a powerful story into a messy, clichéd film. <br/><br/>An opportunity to recreate greatness and capture vulnerability, iconic moments of real life, style and inspiration missed. <br/><br/>Final Grade F-

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Reviewed by davideo-2 1

STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning NO STARS End of Days <br/><br/>A made for TV biopic of the pop icon Britney Spears (Natasha Bassett), from starting out with her breakthrough single Baby One More Time in 1999, where she was shoved into the limelight by her pushy mother Lynne (Nicole Oliver) and domineering manager Larry Rudolph (Peter Benson), who both naively thought she was old and mature enough to handle such massive media exposure and pushed her to lie about her virginity to keep up an illusion, through to the trials and turbulence of her relationships with Justin Timberlake (Nathan Keyes) and Kevin Federline (Clayton Chitty), before a revealing 2008 documentary aired.<br/><br/>Sometimes, something can give you a really bad vibe, yet you still feel utterly compelled to see it. Your instinct can tell you it looks really bad, and you can see no end of bad reviews, and you can almost write a review before you&#39;ve even seen it, but still you&#39;re still interested in the subject matter and you just have to see it yourself. While I&#39;ve never been a massive fan of her music, something about Britney Spears has always captivated me and kept my attention, being such an icon of popular culture as she is. For all this, though, I&#39;ve never gotten the feeling she was comfortable with this status, and so a dramatisation of her life, as inevitable as it was, was never something I thought she&#39;d be happy about (and, from what&#39;s been said, that&#39;s definitely the case with this.) <br/><br/>Such a popular name is Britney, that a big studio could quite willingly have thrown its clout behind a production of her life, so why this no budget monstrosity is even in existence is ripe for question. And what little budget it must have had, as the terrible production values are in evidence from the opening credits, and from there, like a crashing plane whirling down from the sky, it just becomes an even bigger amateurish, terribly made mess. Lead star Bassett looks, and pretty much sounds, nothing like the real Britney, and her portrayal of her is just excruciating, as is Nathan Keyes&#39;s cringe-worthy performance as first love Justin. You never get the feeling you&#39;re watching a real life unfolding, just a corny, overblown childish imagining.<br/><br/>This is just the typical sort of thing you see on the Hallmark Channel/True Entertainment, only the worst kind of example, and one which you can really see from the outset and just trust your instincts on. NO STARS

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