Bowie: The Man Who Changed the World


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Reviewed by StrictlyConfidential 6

&quot;The Man Who Changed The World&quot; is yet another celebrity-documentary to be released in the wake of the tragic death of pop-idol, David Bowie in 2016.<br/><br/>There can be no denying that at the very pinnacle of his popularity - Bowie had a phenomenal influence (as had Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson) on the direction of pop music and on the contemporary fashions of his generation.<br/><br/>Through stills, interviews, and film clips (from various stages in Bowie&#39;s career) - &quot;The Man Who Changed The World&quot; offers the viewer a fond reminiscence of a dynamic individual who was greatly admired, emulated, and respected by millions of adoring fans from all across the face of this planet.

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Reviewed by jasonpetersettlen 7

Bowie was the man who changed everything for me. I listened to his music on a loop. The early 70s was the start of my obsession with piling on make-up and reinventing myself. I identified with Bowie&#39;s twisted glamour. If you wanted to escape the dreariness of mainstream fashion, then Bowie was your man. Dressing up became a way of life for us. Even my straight friends with an ounce of imagination embraced their flamboyance, happy to be connected with Ziggy and his feminine side. This documentary really shows Bowie&#39;s genius and love of his craft. He turned lyrics upside down and inside out, right to the unfortunate end. Most interesting thing I took from it were the amazing background interviews and time warp interviews. Great documentary.

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Reviewed by Mattyman7 8

I did it in two sittings. I enjoyed the style and looks of this movie. It brought me close to David Bowie. As a new fan, I learnt new stuff about him. This shows that he was quite a bit more than just a musician. He was so intelligent which comes across loads. The most outstanding parts were about when he was young. I didn&#39;t realize the scale of what he was doing in the early part of his career. He got booed off the stage as David Jones. Would&#39;ve been top class if this had his songs but very good anyway

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