Bottled Life: Nestle's Business with Water


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Reviewed by pmshah1946 6

I don&#39;t have much to say about the documentary itself but quite a lot about the business.<br/><br/>Here in India we had a big controversy about Coca Cola corporation&#39;s water bottling business. In Kerala they extracted so much ground water for their purpose that it created almost drought conditions in the surrounding areas on Kerala.<br/><br/>City of Chennai has had perpetual shortage of potable water. A little while ago a million liters per day desalination plant was installed on the outskirts. The total cost of the process amounted to to a mere US$ 1.00 for 100 liters. What is being sold in the market costs around US$0.20 per 1 liter bottle.<br/><br/>I would most certainly blame the politicians too for granting industrial licenses to big time companies, multinationals and local variety, for this catastrophe. If I had it my way I would grant licenses for setting plants only for bottling desalinated purified water at least located at least 100 miles away from any populated area!

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Reviewed by iraz 6

I&#39;ve seen a number of documentaries on this issue and it underlines how little these large worldwide corporations care about the lives they affect. This is an important documentary about an issue that is life and death for many people.<br/><br/>It actually deserves a slightly higher rating but there are no subtitles and even when an individual is not speaking English, no subtitles are provided. So quite a number of sections of the film are useless unless you happen to speak all the languages spoken in the film. Even many statements from the Nestles CEO are wasted in the film.<br/><br/>Nestles says its concerns are humanitarian, but as evidenced in the film, its only concern is money and making a profit. Once an area is dry, they move on to another area.

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