Born Racer


Action / Drama

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Reviewed by sirdavepope 10

The world of Motorsport sort of goes under the radar in the public eye yet most people can relate to driving a car. The amount of people involved in the Indy Car scene is incredible and the profile of a Kiwi driver being respected by his peers is evident in this doco. Scott Dixon's family life is integrated in his race days and is as important to maintain balance between hanging out with his kids & wife as to taking bends at 180 mph. Very interesting doco in a sport where danger is ever present but rarely spoken about.

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Reviewed by vandrist 8

This was an amazing documentary that doesn't really feel like one. It flows pretty well and gives you a behind the scenes look at what goes on inside and outside of the track. I didn't understand how physically demanding this sport can be. Scott Dixon is an animal and this film makes me appreciate all the hard work and technical ability that goes on behind the scenes. This is an amazing story!!

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