Body Parts


Horror / Thriller

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Reviewed by hu675 8

Criminal psychologist Bill Chrushank (Jeff Fahey) survived from an horrible car accident but he loses his arm. But when a gifted mysterious Dr. Agatha Webb (Lindsay Duncan) manages to find a donor to have a new arm for Bill. When his wife Karen (Kim Delaney) agrees with the doctor for the operation. When the operation is a success and then its takes weeks for Bill&#39;s new arm to be working. In fact, he finds his new arm to be much better than his old one. But then, it&#39;s starts doing things that he doesn&#39;t want to do and being having vivid nightmares. He finds out that his arm belongs to Charley Fletcher (John Walsh). A violent serial killer, who got executed on the operation table. When Bill got his new arm from. But Bill finds out that he&#39;s not the only one, who got spear parts from the infamous murderer. Then after meeting two people (Brad Dourif and Peter Murnik), who got spear body parts from Charley. But when Bill wants his arm off, the Dr. Webb refused to do it. Bill has a feeling or two that Dr. Webb is not what she seems to be and he feels, there&#39;s something out there is coming for him.<br/><br/>Directed by Eric Red (Bad Moon, Cohen and Tate, Undertow) made an intriguing horror film with some effective moments of suspense and thrills. This was an box office disappointment, when it was released in the summer of 1991. The critics were not kind to this movie as well. Sure, the premise isn&#39;t original anymore. But director Red tries to make something different here by adding some neat ideals to the already often filmed premise of the picture. The underrated Fahey gives an strong performance. Dourif gives an memorable small role as the artist, who finds sudden success with his paintings. Red does his best work so far as a filmmaker here. Red wasn&#39;t made a movie or wrote a script in years but it seems, he trying to make a comeback with his latest work &quot;100 Feet&quot;. That film will be released sometime in 2008. Like most of Red&#39;s works, &quot;Body Parts&quot; has become a cult classic. It&#39;s certainly one of the most underrated horror movies of the 1990&#39;s. Effective music score by Loek Dikker. Insipred from the novel &quot;Choice Cuts&quot; by Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac (Which they wrote the classic book together &quot;Diabolique&quot;). Co-scripted by the director and Norman Snider (Dead Ringers, Rated X). Screen-story by Patricia Herskovic (Producer of cult classics like &quot;Deadly Blessing&quot;, &quot;Mother&#39;s Boys&quot; and &quot;Toy Soldiers&quot;) and Joyce Taylor. Don&#39;t miss it. Panavision. (****/*****).

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Reviewed by GOWBTW 7

Losing a body part can cause a psychological effect on a person, somehow it can be more extreme than this. In the movie &quot;Body Parts&quot;, a man loses his right arm when a tanker truck rear ends him, ejecting him through the windshield. The Results has good news and bad news: The Good News; he gets a new right arm. The Bad News; it belongs to an death row inmate who was executed. Worse News; he wants it back, along with his left arm and legs! Hold it! if he&#39;s supposed to be dead, how did he come back to life? The individual would donated the parts has got a lot of explaining to do. I liked the part where Bill Chrushank(Jeff Fahey) told her off. Then she later gets killed by the killer. Then there&#39;s the scene where he cuffs Bill and tries to drive his arm off. No success. Having his arm scared him and his family, after the killer is unsuccessful of getting his arm back, the curse has lifted. Life is back to normal for Bill and his family. Unlike &quot;The Hand&quot;, &quot;Body Parts&quot; is more intense. So if anyone loses a limb, check the donor before surgery starts, and beware of seedy doctors. 2 out of 5 stars!

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Reviewed by jadavix 7

&quot;Body Parts&quot; is a cool horror flick about a guy who loses an arm in a car accident and has it replaced with one belonging to a serial killer. Predictably, the arm starts misbehaving.<br/><br/>It doesn&#39;t feel like a novel idea, but the handling of the material is surprisingly strong. Jeff Fahey, perhaps best known for the most out-there Stephen King adaptation, &quot;Lawnmower Man&quot;, plays the protagonist, looking like a spooky John Stamos. Paul Ben Victor, known from multiple HBO shows such as &quot;The Wire&quot;, also has a memorable role, as does the legendary Brad Dourif.<br/><br/>While the movie may be fairly predictable, it does have one scene I don&#39;t think I&#39;ve seen in a movie before: the passenger of one car having his wrist handcuffed to the driver of the car next to his. We&#39;ve all seen car chases, but I&#39;ve rarely seen two cars having to stick close together at high speed, or someone might get their arm torn off (again).

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