Blue Ridge


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Reviewed by spike-45414 1

The trailer looked like an awesome movie. They lied. The acting was subpar. Was it just me or was the deputy's hair fake as hell? Almost cartoonish. Only made it about 15 minutes (I think the previous record was 30) before aborting. Highly recommend moving along and finding another.

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Reviewed by gilliandunphy-76450 3

This movie had amazing trailer made. So good they made you think this movie was good. Only about 4 min in to the movie that you can tell they had to of spent all of their budget on the trailer to make you pay the 6.99 to rent it only up find out that they make it seem like they just rolled up to a random town N used those residents for the actors lol.

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Reviewed by frae-32660 2

Was looking for an indie movie called Blue Ridge (that stars the guy from Pi) that I had marked to watch in the past but never got around to it. I accidentally clicked on this thing thinking it was the same movie. WRONG! This was like one of those Lifetime or USA network movies that honestly did not need to be made. It's very 90's and beyond boring. I made it about 30 minutes in and regretted it big time and stopped it. ugh!

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