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Reviewed by cedarrapidsboy 4

#1 Vampires vs. Humans<br/><br/>#2 Military-reject roughneck squad as first responders to dangerous, unknown Vampire incursions.<br/><br/>#3 Sexy female Vampire on the side of the &quot;good guys&quot;.<br/><br/>#4 Plenty of gore and action.<br/><br/>There are four (4) major plot devices that may help you decide if you want to watch this movie. If you want all four, then the next plot device may not deter you...<br/><br/>#5 In outer space.<br/><br/>That last one almost got me too, but I&#39;m glad I watched. In a pile of terrible direct-to-video horror that is the Sci-Fi channel Halloween marathon... this movie is a breath of fresh air. It will stand-up against any of the other Sci-Fi channel offerings, and even against the other Vampire movie Natassia starred in (who keeps giving Uwe Boll money?).

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Reviewed by stormruston 8

This is no Blade and Star wars cross, but being a movie thats whole budget would have been less then Darth Vader&#39;s wardrobe cost its pretty darn good.<br/><br/>This is a B movie and I knew that when I bought it, it surpassed my expectations and gave me 90 or so minutes of amusement.<br/><br/>The acting ranged from passable at worse to good. Micheal Ironsides was so over the top it was like watching live theater! Natassia Malthe is nice eye candy and had a great wardrobe( skin tight and sexy).<br/><br/>The special effects were not that great, but they did not ever remove you from the movie by being super bad. Completely acceptable for a B movie.(well the hand puppet was a stretch but otherwise...) The gore was great, there was lots of it and it was a blast to watch.<br/><br/>Someone mentioned a cross between Buffy and firefly( a good review) I agree only think with more edge and darker.<br/><br/>This one is a winner for B movie buffs.

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Reviewed by jimbob9210 8

In no way is this your typical B-Movie. I turned it on thinking &quot;Oh great, vampires in space. This should be good for a laugh!&quot;. Actually though I thought that the plot was great and, although predictable, was engaging throughout. You just can&#39;t change the channel. The producers really made the most out of their budget. It was only 1.7 million, but it looks at least three times that. Natassia Malthe is smokin&#39; hot and the acting from both her and Dominic Zamprogna is excellent. The film has some pretty interesting concepts (vampiric mind sex anyone?) and the use of the many different vampire species pulls the plot along nicely. The vampires themselves were admittedly a bit shaky and didn&#39;t really look the part, with the notable exception of Natassia. <br/><br/>So overall, I would rate this movie an 8/10. Its fun and engaging, and can easily go toe-to-toe with most blockbuster vampire/sci-fi movies.

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