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Reviewed by brittahouston 10

This movie moved me and spoke volumes about how important family and friendships are! The actors did a wonderful job and everything about this movie was wonderful! Definitely a must watch and the music is amazing too! So I recommend this movie to everyone! Twila did an awesome job!

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Reviewed by repjr 10

Businessman and author of 3 published books Sam Pfiester wrote the Blanche script inspired by a 50 years ago bet made in a small West Texas town. Playing a character in the movie it was impossible to know if it would hit a stump - or hit the stars.<br/><br/>Well... with a lot of Director/ Editor / songwriter &amp; singer Twila Zlabar&#39;s MAGIC - the crowd first seeing it definitely thought it went beyond the stars. Thank you Twila. Thank you. It had been a fun time and an honor playing a small part -some say the villain- in Blanche.

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Reviewed by VivaGonzo 10

What a treat to watch a movie that causes one to reflect on what one holds dear about their piece of Texas - the PEOPLE. Hats off to the homegrown actors. All added genuineness - in spirit, speech and mannerisms. West Texas is a hard place to be from. With the boom and bust cycle of the oilfield, intense heat in the summers, drought, sandstorms, unceasing wind, and many other things newcomers don&#39;t care for - one has to be scrappy to stay. But if you do, you&#39;re sure to meet true characters (natives) like the ones in Blanche. You&#39;ll be the better for the introduction and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun along the way! Thanks to Sam Pfiester for bringing the essence of West Texas to the screen in such splendid simplicity - GREAT job! ????

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