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Reviewed by rasp-2 9

I've come to know and enjoy GSH's music and words for a couple of years. Aside from being a great musician (along with is buddy Brian Jackson) who evolved from poetry to spoken word then add his own influences of Jazz and Blues, he should be getting credit for his social and political engagement. Well aware of the condition his fellow black people were living in ("Whitey on the Moon"), he also spoke harshly against the administration ("H2oGate Blues" which can easily be adapted to nowadays events by the way) and was even one of the first to criticize the situation in South Africa ("Johannesburg"). His last record "Spirits" is a masterpiece. His last known work was with French Jazz harmonicist J.J. last year. He then had been jailed, and I must sadly say, not for the first time. A few grams of coke or whatever it was led him there. He was reported free this last June. This man is know around 70 and definitely doesn't get the attention he should, being in my opinion one of the greatest free thinkers of the Nixon-to-Reagan ("RayGun") era...

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Reviewed by garrykanter 7

Amazing.Gil Scott-Heron in 1983 could be describing 2019.It's all there.

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Reviewed by scarymonkey65 9

I first saw GSH at Hammersmith Odeon in the UK. He came out on his own, talking in his distinctive half mumble, and talked about the recent space shuttle crash. He talked about the tragedy of people&#39;s lives lost, but compared it with how many people&#39;s lives were being destroyed by poverty, and how much money the space program could contribute to eradicating poverty.<br/><br/>He said he had just written a song, and just song this beautiful and amazing song - Space Shuttle - now available on remastered CDs after over 20 years. I knew I was listening to a musical genius, and a visionary man, and I&#39;d never heard any of his music before. 2 weeks later at a free anti-apartheid concert on Clapham Common he came out with the band, and launched into Johannesburg. Tens of thousands of people sang along, and they and I have been hooked for 20 years.<br/><br/>Documentaries have been done about GSH, including one last year, and his many problems with drugs are now well documented, ironic considering two of his most famous songs, The Bottle and Angel Dust. I must have seen him live at least 20 times. Gil Scott-Heron is a great poet, songwriter, musician, rapper, and comic, and an inspiring human being, who like most of us, also has flaws and weaknesses.<br/><br/>Buy this DVD and share in the legend and his music. For thousands of us all around the world, jazz and blues literally doesn&#39;t get any better.

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