Black Christmas


Horror / Mystery

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Reviewed by jess-gonz20 1

Blumhouse is hit or miss with their movies.. THIS one was terribly bad. When this movie was announced I already knew it was gonna be a let down. Stick with the original, or even the 2006 version. The 2006 version was FAR better than this trash. Plus, the trailer showed pretty much everything. So, do yourself a favor and save your money. Watch the trailer instead to see the whole movie, because that's what the trailer basically did. 1/10.

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Reviewed by websterlovesfilms 2

If you know someone in your life who you hate then buy them a ticket to see this.Then sit back and laugh like Mr Burns knowing they are watching this awful movie.

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Reviewed by JohnnyRatesALot 1

And I thought the 2006 remake was bad? HA. This one makes it look like a great movie! Seriously guys, this movie had no quality plot, writing, thought, or direction. The characters were exceptionally bad and unlikable and had no depth. The scares were cliché and very unoriginal. It&#39;s a total introvert to the 1974 cult classic. The original actually had suspense, a creepy atmosphere, scary scenes, and an effective direction. This one had none of those things...I&#39;m very surprised because Blumhouse usually makes quality films, from my experience. Very disappointed.<br/><br/>DO NOT ruin your holidays and see Black Christmas! The original is great, but not this one!

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