Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)


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Reviewed by Impartial-Critic 3

I don&#39;t believe this movie is good or enjoyable for DC fans or even any fan of Harley Quinn, having a female writer and director should be a big giveaway that this will end up being a chick flick, the movie title to begin with should&#39;ve been, Harley Quinn and (insert any name here) because simply it has nothing to do with being a Birds of Prey team movie, the plot is simple, a crappy version of &quot;Harley Quinn&quot; vs. an ugly gay portrayed version of &quot;Black Mask&quot; with some shadowed presence of the &quot;Birds of Prey&quot; who only relate to the comics by just their names.<br/><br/>The movie sadly takes a feminist point of view but in a more lame approach, every lead male character in the movie is either gay or bisexual, where the minor male characters are just plain jerks! The plot is weak and the acting over all is mediocre, the casting choices are way off the authenticity of the characters, as if they wanted to compile all races in one movie that no one feels left out with a complete neglect to the comic books or TV series their choice to go with the &quot;Asian&quot; choice of Cassandra Cain instead of Barbara Gordon, Batgirl. The scenes decoration is too colorful in a wrong manner, I can understand that a Harley Quinn movie should be colorful and chaotic but there&#39;s a huge difference between an artistic chaos, this is why the decoration of this movie feels like it was designed by a crazy extravagant fashion designer! while the directing was clearly all over the place.<br/><br/>I&#39;ll never change my mind when I say that Margot Robbie is a poor choice for Harley Quinn character, she doesn&#39;t look like Harley - Harley has a round face while Margot has more of a square or a bit of an oblong face - she doesn&#39;t feel like Harley Quinn...Harley is a very dangerous, sadistic character...too dangerous that many times the Joker himself is scared of her, she even beat him up in many occasions. Completely different than the childish spoiled brat which depicted in this movie and sure as hell Margot Robbie does not sound like Harley Quinn! I&#39;m sure the only reason why virgin nerds are drooling over her is because they didn&#39;t see any other version of Harley Quinn on the big screen. Just like how people was fascinated by Jack Nicholson playing the Joker...No one back then knew there will be Heath Ledger or Joaquin Phoenix who owned the role in their own way!<br/><br/>But since they decided to cast Margot Robbie again for this role even after this disastrous movie, at least they should ask her to go learn from the talented Arleen Sorkin how to say Mr. J and Puddin&#39; ! and for F&#39;s sake give her an adult oversized mallet to crush skulls with instead of that childish toy she carried in few scenes in this disastrous movie.

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Reviewed by Ndetzzz 4

While Margot Robbie is a good Harley Quinn, the character was not given enough arc. The plot was predictable and mainstream, especially due to lack of a strong antagonist. The main antagonist, played by Ewan McGregor, was not developed and hence did not add significant value to the plot story. Although some of the fight scenes were entertaining, the film as a whole was truly forgettable.

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Reviewed by tim001-154-474139 2

Margot Robbie is pretty awesome as Harley Quinn however even with that, this movie is one step up from unwatchable. The plot is all over the place, the dialogue is horrible, the characters other than Harley Quinn are inconsequential, and basically the producers are just spitting in the eye of anybody who has been a fan of the comics. There were a couple good laughs and a couple good fight scenes but otherwise this really was nothing but a loud, garish Suicide Squad spin-off. I&#39;d be all for a real DC Birds of Prey movie, but this film should not even have had that name in the title.

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