Big Time Adolescence


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Reviewed by moxixe 10

I never had an incentive to sign up with Hulu before. But now that Pete's "BIG TIME ADOLESCENCES" is out, I signed up today so I could watch it. Wow, the acting was so good, everyone's character was believable. Without giving too much away, the ending was sad to me. A very well done movie.

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Reviewed by TeeJay1992 10

Both actors have chemistry and Griffin doesn't act awkward like you would seem him to be at the beginning of the movie. I'd watch it again just for a few scenes that are so good. So many jokes in the movie too. Talks about real life stuff.

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Reviewed by ria282003 10

I've been anxiously waiting for this movie to come out and it is so great! Smart, funny, and full of matter what generation you are from, the story is timeless. And last but not least, Pete Davidson got to show us what he's really made of and on top of being a brilliant comic, he's an outstanding actor.

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